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50 disturbing messages real people have received in letters and texts - 50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

These are the creepiest texts, emails, and get in touch with calls other folks from Ask Reddit have ever won.

1. My dad’s ex stored sending me letters asking me to to let her exhume my paternal grandparents’ graves as a result of she believed they cursed her.

She were given an FB account and stored sending me lengthy messages and as soon as presented to let me sleep together with her if I informed her the place their graves have been. When I stored refusing she threatened to name the police on me.

I simply referred to as an uncle of mine who was once a police officer and informed him the whole lot. My Dad knew she was once off-kilter and my uncle had me forget about her, block her, however stay the messages as proof.

Stopped listening to from her after that.

She was once installed jail a yr later for a distinct crime.

2. At about 11pm, a circle of relatives buddy texts me this: (as correctly as I take note)

“Look, I thought I could do it. I can’t. It’s been six months since it happened and nobody even cares anymore. He’s just a kid. I do not want to be any further involved, ask someone else.”

About 30 seconds later, “Oh, sorry, that was just a mistake. I meant to send that to my brother, we’re just messing around.”

3. This took place when I used to be round 16 or 17. I used to be on a bus and in my college’s game uniform. Then I were given a textual content from an unsaved quantity asking “are you not cold in those thin clothes?” (It was once a kick back morning)

So appeared round throughout the bus instantly and were given every other textual content: “stop looking you’re not going to find me.”

4. On Tinder, from any individual lower than a kilometer away, while I used to be residing clear of house and strolling round so much from the library to my area by myself: “I’ve got a knife and a penis, and one of them is going inside you tonight.”

5. One of my neighbors messaged me asking if I had lately been at the elevator. Because he may scent it. Said I used to be obviously ovulating, very fertile, and that prompted his male senses.

There’s like 60 residences in my construction. But he was once proper. Creeped me out.

6. A dude selected to open a dialog by way of pointing out “I have beautiful eyes”.

He additionally incorporated an image.

It wasn’t of his eyes.

7. Hoping it was once simply any individual fucking with me. Note dropped in my locker in 10th grade with a gorgeous easy, moderately creepy poem.

It learn:

Roses are crimson,

Violets are blue,

If you ever really feel by myself,

I’m all the time gazing you 🙂

8. I as soon as won a textual content that mentioned, “I cannot wait to make love to your rotting, beautiful corpse.” I’m undecided of who despatched it, if it was once supposed for me, or if it was once a distasteful prank textual content from any individual I knew — but it surely indisputably despatched chills down my backbone.

9. I were given a textual content from a incorrect quantity and all it mentioned was once, “he won’t be bothering you anymore, I took care of it”

10. Last yr I used to be idly losing away my afternoon after I were given a message notification on Facebook. I opened it up and it was once a 20 yr outdated man announcing “Are you (my full legal name)?” No one actually is aware of my complete identify, so I figured this child knew me. I spread out his web page and he lives midway around the States from me, we haven’t any mutual buddies, and, so far as I will be able to inform, we might have had no approach to ever meet. I reply, “Yeah?” to which he responds, “I am going to fucking murder you. ”

I’m 27 years outdated and now not extraordinarily paranoid, however this shook me to my very core. As a ways as I do know, I nonetheless have him blocked on Messenger.

11. A random quantity ship me a protracted sms during which he argue that I shouldn’t be fucking truck drivers for inexpensive cash whilst I will be able to connect with him and his wealthy buddies for a lot more cash. I answered that I’m a man and he most probably has the incorrect quantity, to which he answered that he knew who am I and gave me my college dorm cope with. I blocked him right away but it surely creeped me such a lot then. It could also be a prank but it surely didn’t sound like one, and I used to be a global scholar there so I didn’t actually have buddies who would prank me like this.

12. A man was once writing me on Grindr. I wasn’t , so I mentioned I wasn’t . He helps to keep persisting that we must meet this night. I used to be like w/e, stopped responding. Then he mentioned he would take his automotive to return to find me. When i refreshed the app I noticed the space drop from 3000m to 200m. He was once like “I’m close now”. Then I blocked him, became off all lighting in my rental (I live to tell the tale the first ground). Now I’m cautious to have distance appearing on relationship apps…

13. My buddy died in February of 2008. Two weeks after his funeral, I had a voicemail however no overlooked name. I listened to it and it was once my buddy who simply handed. His message mentioned, “heeeyyy call me back biotch let’s hang!”

Creeped me the fuck out. Called the telephone corporate and thet simplest rationalization they may give me was once that his telephone will have to have died in the midst of the voicemail sending and it will have to have completed when his circle of relatives charged his telephone and became it again on.

Still creeps me out to nowadays.

14. Few years in the past when I used to be nonetheless in highschool, I had completed elegance and were given off the bus within the town and started strolling house. About part approach this random woman out of nowhere stopped me and mentioned “you will lose your first two seeds to the earth”. I brushed it off and concept not anything of it. And by no means once more did I ever see this girl or recall to mind it once more. Fast ahead to a few weeks in the past: I miscarried my first being pregnant, they usually have been twins.

15. Guy who was once my lab spouse in highschool wrote me a be aware (entire with image) that mentioned, “I will kill you and make a sofa out of your skin.” With no context. I nonetheless have the be aware.

A couple of years later he murdered a coworker over a pc.

16. My Mum were given a telephone name at about 2am one morning. The guy at the telephone mentioned “Mrs _______ we’ve just arrested your son. He’s a sick bastard and he’s going to pay. We have sent people to your other son’s apartment now. Don’t expect to ever see them again, they will pay for their crimes”

She referred to as me frantic short of to test I used to be protected after which informed me that the 2 nights earlier, at round the similar time, she had had identical calls threatening to return after my brother and I.

17. I used to be using and my telephone went off. I don’t solution whilst using, it went to voice mail. I were given house and listened to the message. It was once a lady in a heavy accessory begging for (unintelligible identify) to lend a hand her. She was once pleading into my voicemail, announcing it wasn’t lengthy now and to thrill hurry. The voice pale away nearly like they slowly pulled the telephone clear of their head, and the road went useless. I referred to as the quantity again, I used to be nearly panicking with confusion over what was once happening, but it surely was once not in provider.

Kept me up for days.

18. Oh, I’ve an actual one. I finished relationship a man and ultimately stopped replying to him after he were given creepy. Weeks later he despatched me an image of mutilated male genitals and a messages alongside the strains of “will you reply to me now?”

19. Someone posted a submit card via our door and not using a stamp on it and mentioned “we are watching you” with a drawn smiley face.

It was once addressed to me and had our cope with written on it.

Creepy certainly.

20. This would possibly were unsolicited mail however I were given a voicemail a few month in the past from a neighborhood jail asking if I will be able to settle for a choice from an inmate.

I don’t know who the fuck had my quantity that concept I might bail them out of prison. I feel they referred to as me once more a couple of mins later. Pretty unsettling.

21. “THAT’S the girl? She’s not that pretty!” or one thing like that.

From my ex. Some time when we break up. In my house at night time. At an attitude you must simplest see if you happen to have been on my “balcony” (first ground so extra like patio, however the glance/really feel was once extra balcony-like). I were given as much as flip round and heard a bang and a scurry as I’m assuming she fled into the night time.

Oh, and she or he lived about 2 and a part hours away. Yea

22. I as soon as won a message from a random quantity announcing “How’s your show?”

I used to be in reality gazing TV however I simply deleted it and stored on with my night time. I were given a textual content once more round 10 mins later announcing “Please don’t ignore me, ignoring me makes me very angry.”

I began to get roughly freaked out after which I am getting the remaining textual content. It says “I’ll always be watching, look outside.”

And from around the side road a mild comes on in an upstairs window and that i see a imprecise silhouette of any individual waving. Long tale quick, this man wasn’t even residing in that area, and once I referred to as the police I filed a restraining order and haven’t noticed the man since.

23. 2am Christmas morning a textual content from a bunch I didn’t know simply announcing ‘help me’. Rang it again in case it was once a chum with a brand new quantity to no solution. Texted again announcing who is that this? And by no means were given a reaction.

24. “My death will be on your hands. Maybe I’ll take you with me.”

25. I run a present card trade this is in particular destined to be in my small nation. I make the cardboard, we plan on a meetup, I give them the cardboard, I am getting paid, we cross our separate techniques.

I were given a message from a man, short of a card for a chum’s birthday. All high-quality, I made the cardboard, and we met up. I were given my cash, and we left. Every week later, I were given a textual content from him. Thinking it could be a thanks, or a overview, as I regularly get the ones, I checked it, but it surely simply mentioned: “I like your shirt.”

This were given me somewhat suspicious, as I used to be dressed in my favorite blouse that had a transformers brand on it, so I simply answered with a “Thanks”, and moved on. Then I were given a message nearly instantly once I put it down, announcing, “I like transformers too.”

I instantly were given paranoid and moved clear of the place I used to be sitting. I then answered with a caution that I can name the police on him, and that I had his quantity, and that I nonetheless remembered what he gave the impression of. He subsidized off after that.

My trade remains to be working, however I’m a lot more cautious now.

26. I won a recycled quantity and the former proprietor had used it all over from his financial institution to buying groceries web pages so I used to get a large number of unsolicited mail. I even attempted to give an explanation for to the financial institution once they referred to as in regards to the account. One day any individual added me on Snapchat via my telephone quantity and upon seeing my Snapchat tale, a 35 yr outdated girl answered to my tale of gazing Star wars by way of announcing, “I attended your funeral.”

27. I used to get calls from a random quantity and the individual would depart voice mails: “Hi (my name) I’m gonna find you, you have to talk to me.” I by no means discovered who it was once and I didn’t acknowledge the voice. It was once creepy.

28. A couple of weeks after transferring to a brand new town I were given a telephone name from a girls I didn’t know telling me that two guys I had by no means heard of have been very pissed as a result of I had interfered with their trade and I must higher watch my again. It appeared slightly absurd however didn’t sound like a prank name both.

So I watched my again for some time however not anything ever took place.

29. Got a message from a person on connected in asking if he may borrow a black leather-based mini skirt – I used to be these days dressed in a black leather-based mini skirt.

30. Was enjoying some CS:GO. Teammate began out actually great in the beginning of the sport. We began dropping and he were given actually actually poisonous. I informed him to relax or one thing like that and he mentioned “I will fucking kill you in real life.” After the sport he despatched me a chum request. I accredited anticipating him to perform a little trash speaking and make contact with me shit. Instead he despatched me my Address, My dad’s complete identify and my telephone quantity. Being 16, I used to be terrified.

31. Coordinates and the phrases “it’s here. come find it” I appeared it up on google maps. It was once so much approach the hell north of the town. Needless to mention I by no means discovered what “it” was once.

32. Not actually a message however freaked me out.

My buddy kicked the bucket, it was once early Facebook days, I had asked him on Facebook prior to I knew he was once in poor health. He due to this fact handed prior to accepting. 10 years later to the day that he kicked the bucket previous this yr, the request was once accredited. We have been shut, and I used to be having a difficult time in lifestyles. So bizarre.

33. “I’m going to kill myself, I love you.” He did.

34. Literally the day before today I sought after to create Instagram account and I noticed that my electronic mail is already taken. I reset the password, login and to find an empty profile. Few seconds after that I were given a message from a chum I haven’t spoken shortly simply announcing: “Wanna learn how to hack?” I’m nonetheless scared.

35. I had a stalker a few years again. He despatched me a protracted element textual content about how he would stay me in a cage and deal with me/care for me like I used to be a squirrel.

36. Not a message however telephone name, (it was once in Chinese so this can be a damaged translation). It went: Dad save me. Come save me please. This repeated a few occasions. Before I finished the decision.

37. Text message from my stalker:

“I didn’t know your store was open today”

It was once Dec. 26. Most of the retail outlets within the mall the place I paintings have been closed because of prolonged vacation for staff.

That was once the primary time I spotted my stalker knew the place I labored and that he was once there on that day simply strolling by way of the shop.

38. Someone referred to as at 2am within the morning whilst I used to be stationed in a website up within the mountains. Sounded like my dad and all he mentioned was once “I love you I love you”. I assumed that it was once unattainable since dad was once within the health facility and subconscious. Then at 3am my brother calls crying telling me he needed to make the decision for the docs to forestall resuscitating dad. Dad kicked the bucket then.

Not actually creepy. Just unhappy.

39. My pastor all the time gave me and my little sister the creeps. Everyone else concept he was once the best, sweetest guy. I noticed immediately via his act and stayed away. One day he textual content me suddenly announcing my mother informed him I wished a brand new dryer. He informed me he had one for me and was once on his approach to convey it by way of. (I in my opinion by no means gave him my cope with however figured possibly my mother gave it to him) a couple of hours after he dropped off the dryer and left, he textual content me asking if I had the risk to make use of the dryer, did it paintings good enough, and many others.  I informed him it labored nice and thanked him. To which he answered, “Don’t forget to check under your bed tonight.” I requested why and he mentioned, “To make sure I’m not under there.” …WHAT!?

I promptly informed my boyfriend and blocked his quantity. Eventually I informed my mother…then she informed the deacons at church and subsequent factor ya know, the pastor and his circle of relatives are transferring out of state… fucking bizarre guy.

40. It was once a pair years in the past when i used to be nonetheless a curious youngster, simply doing customary youngster stuff like gazing some porno on-line, the standard stuff. Suddenly the black command prompt-esque window opened and in it was once written “don’t watch porn all the time.”

The worst section is that I wrote within the at the cmd factor “wowowowowowo” (I do know, I’m an mind) and pressed input. Immediately every other message pops up within the window announcing “What wowowowowowo?” “This is your last warning or I will make you regret.”

Till nowadays I don’t know who despatched me the message however i think it was once my isp. I must most probably use a vpn.

41. I used to be at a tenting floor and I used to be simply roughly sitting in my tent and iOS has era referred to as airdrop which permits different iOS units to ship pictures, movies and recordsdata throughout from every different, I’m simply gazing YouTube and subsequent minute I obtain this message that claims,

Suzy’s iPhone desires to ship you a picture and I’m now not even joking, the picture was once a creepy image and it has the caption “I watch you in your sleep” and this was once throughout the night time.

I used to be gonna press settle for however the individual canceled the request prior to I may press it.

42. An image that was once of me inebriated strolling house from an unknown quantity.

43. “Turn around, I’m at the end of the street.”

A textual content from a man who was once all for me. I used to be strolling house from paintings and he’d requested if I used to be house but. I mentioned no so he drove my stroll house after which textual content me when he noticed me. I used to be so creeped out.

I refused a boost to his wonder.

44. My spouse posted this tale on r/paranormal. This took place in 2012-2013 after we have been residing in an rental within the town. My spouse and I have been out buying groceries sooner or later after I spotted I had a overlooked name. Checked to look who from and it was once from our land-line.. We didn’t are living with somebody else and my telephone was once emblem new so nobody even had my new quantity but both. I had a voicemail so we checked that. It was once simply the telephone striking up. Quiet after which the useless tone. Very bizarre and creepy.

45. Had a stalker. She used to name at bizarre occasions at night time if I responded she would say not anything if I let it cross to voicemail she would depart nonsensical messages. And sure I modified my quantity thrice she all the time tracked it down finally I needed to swear other folks by no means to present out my quantity to somebody.

But yeah hadn’t had any touch together with her for per week or two after which at Three or Four am on a Friday night time my telephone rings and I simply suppose it’s her and forget about it however I test as soon as it stops ringing and notice my brothers quantity and notice {that a} voice mail has been left so I instantly pay attention as a result of fuck it will have to be one thing critical.

So I name my brother again but it surely is going immediately to voicemail. So I test my voicemail.

“One new voicemail” I listened. silence then 30 seconds in a voice It wasn’t his, it was once a lady. “I have just slept with your brother…………… How does that make you feel?” “End of Message”.

I do know who’s voice it’s. I name my brother, immediately to voice mail, i take a look at once more, not anything , I take a look at his area pals, it rings out. Fuck I even take a look at stalker no solution.

I finally end up heading immediately to my brother’s area with a thoughts filled with mcarb pictures (stalker had overwhelmed up a feminine buddy if mine) . Get to my brother ring the door bell, start banging at the door, the scenes in my head turning into extra grotesque, I’m panicking, I want to get into his area, no I get into his area. Then I pay attention it my brother voice as he shouts some foul language at me for waking him. Best sound I ever heard.

Explain to him what’s happening, ask about stalker ask if she nonetheless right here, however she was once long gone when he awoke.

On additional investigation we discovered she had additionally took circle of relatives pictures and a radio head CD.

46. I were given it forwarded to me on social media from a lady I knew.

There was once a lady who went to my top  college, she was once clearly all for me however I had buddy zoned her however discovered her delightful corporate no less than.

We used to trip the bus in combination and socialize just a little on breaks. She would regularly convey me espresso and stuff with the morning bus.

Anyway it became out she was once obsessed and would write to this different lady about her fantasies and informed her how she deliberate to combine a love potion into my espresso. I were given forwarded a majority of these tales, main points and plans she’d been pondering up over a yr. Quite horrifying shit.

47. For me, the creepiest factor that I ever won was once again after I used Instagram and I used to be into a majority of these cringey fandom communities. Just for rationalization, I’m a heterosexual male, so after I won a message from considered one of my fans that mentioned, “[real name here] I love you, so much, and I almost killed myself when I found out you weren’t gay, I’m in the hospital now and I really cant stop thinking about you, please date me, please go out with me, etc” I used to be in class on the time and I got here again to just about 6 paragraphs of news he would wrote the place he made a “compilation” for me and mentioned that he would by no means depart me. The greatest surprise to me is that I used to be 13 on the time and he was once nearly 20. I iced up up and I didn’t know what else to do. So I deleted my Instagram. I had nearly 4000 fans on the time however I knew that once a message like this, I used to be not protected.

48. When I used to be round 13, I were given a textual content message announcing one thing like “I’m the tooth fairy, make a wish.” I requested the one who they have been, they stored seeking to get me to inform them what I sought after. My mother and I promptly referred to as the police.

Still creeped out by way of it…

49. ‘Hey you look like my sister and I’m into inbreeding’.


I messaged again ‘that’s excellent to listen to purpose my brother may be my father’.

Nailed it. He didn’t answer again.

50. I by chance were given speaking to a loopy Christian chick who was once engaged to get married in a couple of months. Her husband is a ginger and I’m additionally – seems she has a big fetish for them.

One day she was once speaking to me on-line whilst enjoying a modded model of the Sims online game. She popped up and mentioned “hey, look what I built”. She sends me a couple of screenshots of the sport: seems she’d made myself and her husband in a homosexual dating at the recreation. The main points have been scarily correct with the face / frame introduction. The first screenshot I were given was once me, in recreation, bare (the mod has complete nude Sims with penises and all) with my legs unfold on a kitchen bench together with her husband fucking me within the ass.

Yes, I nonetheless have the photographs. I slowly stopped speaking to her after that. TC mark

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