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50 men on the worst mixed signals women have ever given them - 50 Men On The Worst Mixed Signals Women Have Ever Given Them

50 Men On The Worst Mixed Signals Women Have Ever Given Them

50 Men On The Worst Mixed Signals Women Have Ever Given Them

According to Ask Reddit, ladies are simply as complicated as males.

1. Received a textual content message at 1:30am from a woman that I expressed hobby in to come back over and assist her rearrange her bed room. Turned out she couldn’t sleep and simply legitimately sought after assist rearranging her bed room.

2. In High School I had a highest buddy I used to be secretly into. She invited me over to her folks area after faculty each Fri. Her folks have been by no means house and he or she actually would strip bare as quickly because the door closed and invite me to sign up for in as smartly.

I’d comply…then not anything. We’d sit down at the sofa and watch television consuming popcorn either one of us greenback ass bare.

After Three weeks of blueballing visits I attempted to kiss her.

Total flinch after which she tells me she’s handiest into ladies.


Later that summer time she invited me to a circle of relatives bbq. Everybody there was once bare together with her folks.

Apparently everybody in that circle of relatives simply preferred getting bare.

3. A inebriated lady one evening as soon as approached me in a KFC and stated she liked my hair.

I stated thanks.

She then proceeded to speak and referred to as me ‘really good looking’.

I answered (as a funny story/ enjoying it cool), “Oh you flirt.”

She answered, “I’M NOT FLIRTING!” and stormed off.

I accumulated my hen and left needlessly deflated.

4. A woman I used to be seeing in school began speaking all lovey dovey at the telephone with me nearly each evening.

The same old. She would keep stuff like:

“So what are you doing tonight?”

“I can’t sleep and I miss you.”

“No, you hang up first.”

“No, you.”

We see each and every different each day and studied in combination and went for dinners and I despatched her house and a few months later, I confessed my emotions for her. She stated that’s simply bizarre and that she isn’t in search of a dating. Then she were given herself a boyfriend two weeks later.

5. Back when AIM was once a factor, a woman advised me about intercourse desires she had about me, in particular element, greater than as soon as. Periodically, she’d take her blouse off on webcam, “cyber” (do they nonetheless name it that?), and so forth.

I’d see her at school the next day to come, not anything. Never sought after thus far, or anything.

6. We have been putting out in a nature maintain at evening. She kissed me and took her best off. Turns out, she wasn’t into me however simply REALLY likes consideration.

7. She was once sending me nude pics. When I made a transfer she acted all stunned and stated it wasn’t like that. Coulda fucking fooled me.

8. This lady I preferred freshman yr of highschool got here as much as me ahead of a live performance, discussed part of my blouse had turn into untucked after which proceeded to tuck it in herself, hanging her complete hand down my pants so her hand was once on my dick. Afterwards, she acted like not anything bizarre came about and unnoticed my now extra glaring advances and were given a boyfriend now not lengthy after.

9. She stated she sought after a man like me. She didn’t need a man who’s me.

10. Girl at paintings and I have been speaking an increasing number of over the prior two weeks, getting more and more flirty each in individual and texts. At paintings there was once numerous pointless bodily touch that she would start up. One of my co staff stated “dude, she’s into you. Ask her out” So I did.

She begins guffawing, then, after seeing the (I assume) bewildered glance on my face, stops and places her surrender her mouth. Then says, “Oh, you were serious? Oh. Oh honey… I don’t date below an 8, you’re a 6 at best.”

I do know, I do know, bullet dodged and all that. But nonetheless, that’s a heavy blow to the ‘ol self-confidence.

11. I met a lady at a bar, each early 20s, we went again to her position after leaving the bar, we communicate and smoke weed. She excuses herself to the toilet, comes again in tiny tank best and panties, sits down subsequent to me and asks me if I’d like to put down along with her. So we stuffed ourselves onto her sofa and I held her towards me and he or she stored rubbing her butt into my crotch so I after all made a transfer, she stated “oh I don’t like you like that, I just get lonely and want to feel an erection against my ass sometimes”.

So I were given up and left, went house and were given inebriated with my pals.

12. I requested a coworker out and he or she stated “yes.” I believed that was once a excellent trace.

Next day she referred to as me and stated she handiest authorized it as a result of I stuck her through stunned and he or she didn’t know what to mention, however she wasn’t keen on happening a date with me.

13. Was chilling with a gaggle of pals, and he or she stored on sitting subsequent to me.

Texted me so much that following week.

Next Saturday we have been chilling once more, and once more she insisted she sat subsequent to me. We have been going to observe a film and one day she simply began leaning towards me till she was once mainly laying on best of me.

Later that night I determined to invite her out as a result of all my pals have been selecting up the sign too

She gave me a kiss on my cheek, and advised me she’d take into consideration it.

The subsequent day I were given a textual content with “I’d rather stay friends with you”

14. Asked me to come back over at Three am without a rationalization, then proceeded to inform me how stunned she was once I believed she intended intercourse.

15. Had a couple of beverages at my position with a woman I labored with, after losing hints and innuendos the entire evening she finally ends up half-naked and actually gyrating on my lap. When I leaned in to make a transfer she says she’ll homicide me if I attempted the rest.

16. I had some folks over at my area again in highschool and a woman grabbed me through the hand to enter my room with me with out announcing a lot of the rest. I made a couple of makes an attempt at getting issues going, however she ended up simply falling asleep with me on my mattress. I used to be no doubt a little puzzled.

17. A woman I knew. She swiped proper on me on a courting app, we matched. Apparently that wasn’t a call for participation to invite her out???

18. A woman I paintings with despatched me was once sending very provocative Snapchats, the bare butt over shoulder pose, hand bra, rainy publish bathe hair over her titties kinda stuff. We mentioned intercourse at all times. Then when I used to be like, we will have to completely bang, she was once like whoa, it will make paintings bizarre.

19. Kept inviting me to move puts along with her. Turns out she was once “helping me cause I looked lonely.” I’ve by no means spoke to her once more.

20. Girl actually kissed me at the lips and cheeks and hugged me and begged me to not go away her on the bar. She was once with pals.

Asked her out the next day to come and he or she ghosted me.

21. She began speaking truly brazenly about her turn-ons, turn-offs, masturbation conduct, described intimately the form of her vagina, and so forth and so forth. Really private stuff for an off-the-cuff date between two school classmates.

“Oh you’re not my type though.” Imagine my confusion.

22. She sexted me and mentioned our getting married sooner or later. Turns out she wasn’t .

23. A woman that used to kiss me so much at events invited me over to her position for dinner and beers, we watched a film and I clearly idea I used to be getting laid, I began to way her and he or she was once truly stunned through my initations. I slept at her position after this however we didn’t do the rest.

24. We sext’d exhausting so I were given the concept that she sought after me and after we after all met she wouldn’t even let me hug her.

I later discovered that she wan’t probably the most mentally strong individual.

25. Sent me pics of her legs from the tub. Two weeks later she was once complaining to her pals that I wasn’t getting her alerts that she wasn’t .

26. Classic “girl at the coffee shop”, however we commence speaking extra each and every time. Gets to the purpose the place she leaves her station to come back say hello if she’s now not running the entrance. I’m growing a little of a overwhelm, however it’s nonetheless smartly throughout the realm of ordinary barista stuff.

One day I’m going in the course of the pressure thru, and he or she’s the only taking orders. On my automotive, her pill dies, however she comes to speak anyway. She will get someone else to take over the road, and assists in keeping speaking with me all of the approach to the window. Next time I see her, it’s truly busy, however I develop a couple and provides her my quantity on a card, and ask her to name me later. Not the smoothest, however it’s my first time sticking my neck out since getting over a long run dating that had not too long ago ended, and I’m a little rusty. She smiles and says “thanks.”

After that, for like two months, each time I got here thru, if she was once there, she’d get someone to take over once she noticed me and move disguise within the again. Didn’t even get a “not interested” dialog, only a glance of terror.

27. She stated that I will have to ask her to the flicks someday. I did. She rejected.

28. At a cruise send.

A woman requested me to come back along with her to her room so she may just “change shoes”.

On her room I were given a semi and softened once more like three times, pondering it was once an glaring flirt.

Nope, she simply sought after to change into extra comfy sneakers, and felt she wanted corporate at the means.

29. Was a sophomore in highschool. Had a category with a woman who requested me if I believed her ass was once boney and proceeded to grind her ass on my crotch for roughly 20 seconds. She would additionally all the time inquire from me when I used to be gonna get my license in order that I may just give her rides house. I after all made a transfer after receiving my license and he or she stated she didn’t like me like that. Still blows my thoughts.

30. Was a woman I labored with, she had surrender per week or two prior and got here in to get her remaining take a look at and he or she got here and hugged me, we weren’t on hugging phrases when she labored there so /shrug, then she lingered to speak, and would stare at my lips whilst I used to be speaking and he or she simply stored putting round even with some lengthy pauses, like I will have to have requested her out or one thing, however I didn’t. About per week later I am getting her quantity from any other coworker and we in short textual content, I requested her out, she stated no….. 6 days later…. I might have most well-liked no solution in any respect. Who is aware of, perhaps she was once feeling it when she was once in there and per week later she remembered what I appeared like.

31. Let me sleep over at her area in her mattress. Even let me run house and get a bottle of wine and are available again to her area. Tried to kiss her and he or she fucking kicked me out of her area and hasn’t spoke to me in a yr.

32. Was in highschool and labored an element time task with a woman from my faculty. She was once beautiful flirty with me at paintings. She all the time requested the chief to take a wreck any time she noticed me opt for mine. One time she had me dangle her telephone and advised me to inform her if it vibrated reason she was once anticipating a textual content. It did and once I gave the telephone to her to test it she jumped up and down guffawing announcing her grandma is visiting her for the weekend and was once hugging far and wide me.

She ended up asking me on a date to move bowling. I display up and her buddy that I’ve by no means met is there too. She finally ends up flirting with different random guys in entrance of me and puzzled off with them leaving me by myself along with her buddy. The buddy then advised me she would by no means do this to me and requested if I sought after to be her bf. It was once so glaring she have been flirting with me the previous couple of weeks simply to take a look at to set me up along with her buddy who a long way much less sexy than she was once.

I noticed thru it straight away and noped out of there. Later at paintings the lady was once like sorry it didn’t figure out with you and my buddy. The flirting stopped and he or she surrender in a while after.

33. I wanted a haircut for my buddy’s wedding ceremony that I have been casting off till the remaining minute and because it was once early September all of the puts I in most cases went and may just get one temporarily have been filled with youngsters getting their again to college haircuts. So after a protracted seek I discovered a hair salon that might take me. The lady slicing my hair was once really nice and we have been speaking about numerous stuff, some issues I believed have been extra than simply small communicate like native puts we each went to and issues we did after we have been youngsters. She additionally discussed a number of occasions that she was once a unmarried mom.

I took her consistent bringing up of being a unmarried mom to imply she was once unmarried so once I paid and left I thought of it for some time and labored up the nerve to return and ask her out, pondering she have been sending me alerts. When I did she advised me she had a boyfriend.

Looking again I believe she was once enjoying up the mum a part of “single mother” so I’d give her a larger tip, which I did.

34. Friend in school. We spent so much for time in combination. Moved aside sooner or later. But we’d communicate at the telephone for hours a couple of occasions per week. Started announcing I like you to one another.

One of her pals the place she lives forces her to move on a blind date. She by no means says the rest to me about it after that day. Continue on for months speaking and announcing I like you. She flies as much as discuss with me. I ask her to in fact make this legitimate and be my female friend. She says she’s getting married in a pair months to the blind date man.

35. I’m now not a man, however a bisexual feminine. I had a woman in my images magnificence who requested me each day about my existence and so I advised her a ton of stuff. We were given tremendous shut and we have been highest pals for a little. One time in picture magnificence anyone introduced up the way it feels to be touched for the primary time and I joked that I wouldn’t know what that’s like. This lady directly up put her hand in my pants at the hours of darkness room and began to finger me and later once I requested her if she sought after to try this extra she stated “oh no I’m not gay or anything like that” (nonetheless were given fingered although so jokes on her).

36. I discovered her in my room in my mattress in her undies at a birthday party at my position in school. Turns out she was once simply getting dressed.

37. This one lady I do know despatched me a couple of nudes with out me asking, however then stated she was once chatting with anyone, and any other despatched me nudes with the exception of I requested for those ones, and he or she even flashed me whilst we have been each in a pool, however she didn’t wish to be the rest greater than pals.

38. Went to a ladies position to observe the Olympics. It was once our 2nd “date”. She advised me I may just keep and sleep over as a result of we have been consuming. Her brother and his female friend have been there so I didn’t suppose the rest of it. It began to get past due and I requested her for some blankets and pillows to sleep at the sofa. She advised me that i may just simply sleep in her mattress along with her. I nonetheless didn’t suppose the rest of it. Her brother gave some pajamas to put on and that i modified and were given into mattress whilst the lady was once brushing her enamel.

Next factor you realize she walks into bed room completely bare and will get into mattress. It stuck me off guard. I used to be unexpectedly full of happiness. I transfer in to kiss her (we hadn’t ahead of) and he or she stated, “I am not ready for that”. I used to be so rattling puzzled. I simply stated “ok” then rolled over and wondered truth till I fell asleep.

39. She gave me head, two times. Then proceeded to mention that we have been simply pals. You couldn’t determine that out through the primary time or?

40. Moved to a brand new the town for a role and didn’t truly know any individual. I were given a haircut and the hairdresser looked to be flirting with me, and ended up giving me her quantity. The subsequent day she asks if I wish to come over to her position. I’m like, hell sure.

I am getting there and there’s like 3 folks along with her, and it seems she was once webhosting a Mormon Bible learn about or one thing and was once mainly seeking to convert me to Mormonism.

41. She had a party when she grew to become like 15. At some level, she pulled me into her room to “dance alone with me”. She places on some sluggish jazz, we commence dancing. She even dimmed the freaking lighting and lit candles. After a pair mins I am going to kiss her and he or she freaks out and leaves. My hormonal ass hasn’t ever been extra puzzled.

42. Back in highschool a woman in my magnificence brazenly advised me that if she were given the risk, she would have intercourse with me. She was once kinda at the scorching aspect so I attempted to make smth occur and a couple of week later she was once grabbing me far and wide, in-between categories, so I proceeded to snatch her as smartly. She were given mad and wouldn’t communicate to me for per week. Was left very puzzled afterwards.

43. Friend from highschool and I have been putting out. After speaking for a little, she leaned over and kissed me, and for the following hour we made out along with her stroking my dick thru my pants. Nothing additional came about although. Next time I noticed her (a pair days later) she was once speaking about her new boyfriend (I believed she was once playfully relating to me) after which acted utterly stunned once I went in for a kiss; mentioning “I just told you about my boyfriend.”

I used to be truly puzzled. Haven’t noticed her since.


No alcohol concerned in any respect

44. I requested a woman to move ice skating with me for New Years eve. She excitedly stated, ‘I’d like to!’

A couple of days out I requested her once I will have to pick out her up. She appeared puzzled and stated that ‘I’d like to!’ doesn’t imply ‘yes.’

I’m now not dissatisfied about it. I don’t want to handle that roughly psychological gymnastics.

45. She requested me to drink wine and cuddle along with her whilst shirtless. She had a boyfriend.

46. She advised me she “liked me” and “would love to be in a relationship with me”, she even despatched me nudes. So I requested her out and he or she rejected me.

47. Usually on Fridays after paintings I love to visit a espresso store to meet up with some extra paintings (Yes, I’m a little of a workaholic). This lady who is set my age (past due 20’s) works as a barista there, infrequently she has the Friday afternoon shift, infrequently she doesn’t. Anyways, she was once all the time kind of flirty to me, which I to begin with attributed to her task character.

A couple of weeks in the past, she was once there on the check in with a gaggle of pals and he or she was once outright flirty (you realize when a gaggle of pals will get all foolish and giggly), the instant I crossed the door they even stated “Oh, here comes your coffee boyfriend!”. I performed alongside, no awkwardness in any respect, it was once a amusing time; she even insisted I didn’t pay for my espresso (she didn’t take my cash).

Couple of hours later, I’m accomplished with my paintings and I way her to mention thank you; she apologizes in an excessively adorable means, I inform her its cool, and ask her out.

“I have a boyfriend.”

48. Girl advised me, “I have a crush on you.” I then requested her on a date and he or she stated, “No.”

49. This came about in my remaining yr of highschool. I had a overwhelm on a woman in band – I performed clarinet, she performed flute. We have been each within the first row, so we sat at once throughout from each and every different, and of course checked out each and every different throughout rehearsals.

At our faculty, all of the graduating band youngsters have been allowed to write down a brief blurb which might be incorporated in this system for our spring live performance. Anyways, live performance day rolls round, and I’m putting round behind the curtain, flipping thru this system looking ahead to the oldsters to begin arriving. I sooner or later get to her blurb – her favorite band reminiscence was once “looking across at a certain clarinet player”.

Turns out it wasn’t me.

50. I’d been putting out with this lady for a pair weeks, on the similar bar, off and on. We’d flirt, make out, et cetera. she agreed to move on a date with me. Then stood me up. No communique, no not anything. So, I gave up, went to the bar we frolicked at. She confirmed up 20 mins once I did. With any other man. TC mark

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