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50 Ordinary Folks Reveal Why A Famous Celebrity Blocked Them On Twitter

50 Ordinary Folks Reveal Why A Famous Celebrity Blocked Them On Twitter

Be cautious what you are saying on Twitter as a result of you may get blocked like those deficient souls from Ask Reddit.

1. Blocked through E.L. James for wondering her books authenticity and portrayal of BDSM tradition. Blocked through Kirstie Alley for wondering Scientology.

2. I were given blocked through Taylor swift through tweeting her an image of me 35 occasions.

3. My cousin was once blocked through Drake after commenting on one among his posts: “Why do you write songs about women not wanting you when you’re exactly the kind of man women should avoid?”

4. Jenny McCarthy tweeted out an open ended query about what other folks search for of their excellent romantic spouse.

I answered, “Someone who believes in vaccination.”

Annnnnd blocked.

5. I tweeted an image of a burnt scorching canine to Ryan Reynolds and requested if it seemed like Deadpool’s member. BLOCKED! No regrets!!

6. I were given blocked through Dane Cook as a result of I tweeted, “Idk what is creepier about Dane Cook his plastic surgery or his teenage girlfriend.” I didn’t even at him!

7. I requested William Shatner if it was once true that he’s an asshole and he mentioned sure and blocked me.

8. Calvin Harris blocked me and I nonetheless do not know why. I’ve by no means tweeted him or tweeted about him.

9. Alec Baldwin blocked me after his alleged parking incident. He tweeted one thing about getting out to vote, and I wrote again that parking is slightly difficult at my polling position, however I’m positive I will be able to discover a spot amicably.

10. My previous roommate were given blocked through Amy Schumer when he tweeted that he didn’t assume her Netflix particular was once very humorous, that’s it.

11. I were given blocked through Alex Jones once I answered to one among his tweets harassing one of the crucial Parkland children with: “Why are you so obsessed with these kids when you can’t even see your own?”

12. For some time I might use Snapchat to faceswap myself with Trump and do my influence of him.

I might proportion them on twitter and tag him within the posts.

One day I come to determine I will be able to now not tag him in posts. I used to be blocked through the President of the United States.

I’ve since been unblocked as a result of that judicial ruling about freedom of data of no matter.

13. Michael Ian Black has a profile image with a type of stereotypical taking a look “leatherman” hat on. He posted some silly opinion about one thing or some other, so I spoke back asking, “Interesting, do the rest of the Village People feel the same way?” He didn’t it sounds as if like that.

14. When I used to be 14 I tweeted at Bob Saget that I sought after DJ and Stephanie Tanner to come back over for a sleepover, and that’s how I were given blocked through Bob Saget on Twitter.

15. When I used to be new to Twitter and didn’t actually know how it labored, William Shatner was once reside tweeting an episode of Supernatural and making unhealthy dad jokes. I @ed him and mentioned how glad it made me that William Shatner Tweeted like a teenage woman in an previous guy’s frame. Boom. Banned. Sorry, Bill…

16. Blocked through Avxry as a result of he was once calling anyone poisonous and I proceeded to hyperlink him a 20 minute video compilation of him being poisonous.

17. I used to be blocked through Dan Schneider again when iCarly was once nonetheless on air for criticizing a weblog publish he made. I by no means appreciated that man even if his presentations have been my formative years.

18. My sister was once blocked through Ryan Murphy as a result of she mentioned one thing unhealthy concerning the writing of Glee.

19. Piers Morgan didn’t love it once I reminded him of the time he intercepted voicemails on Nigel Havers’ telephone so he may just print tales about his death spouse

20. Solja Boy blocked me. He tweeted out, ” Sexy Ladies, hit my DM,” and I spoke back with a selfie of my bearded self announcing, “Not a sexy lady, but I have a big ass beard”

21. I used to be blocked through Dolly Parton once I requested if she was once associated with the Dalai Lama.

22. One time Tim Allen made a tweet the place he mentioned one thing like “If people evolved from monkeys how come there are still monkeys?” And I mentioned: “If Time Allen was arrested for smuggling several pounds of cocaine how come he’s not in prison?”

I believed it was once humorous.

23. Zach Braff. He tweeted a evaluation of his movie Wish I Was Here from a French web site. It was once a obviously very certain evaluation, so I mockingly spoke back announcing, “They hated it.” He DM’d me announcing, “Why would you say that,” and blocked me. Still humorous to me.

24. Blocked through will.i.am for telling him he was once an insult to tune.

25. I used to be following porn superstar Christy Mack once I commented on an image of her new tattoo, “Property of War Machine.” I advised her that that was once most likely the dumbest factor she’ll ever do. I used to be blocked and she or he was once hospitalized months later after War Machine beat the hell outta her. Sad.

26. Blocked through UK superstar Mel Kershaw on Insta, all she did was once publish promos and advertisements for stuff she was once being paid for. It by no means as soon as mentioned paid promotion, so I discussed it within the feedback. Blocked.

27. Blocked through Chris Brown (Twitter) and well-known Dex (Twitter/Instagram) as a result of I tagged them in memes about them beating their girlfriends.

28. A well-known feminine comic died and I tweeted (with out tagging) one thing alongside the traces of ‘why do all the good comedians have to go when Ricky Gervais is still making utter shit’ then went about my day.

Being the arsehole that he’s, he was once looking out himself and RT’d my tweet about him after which blocked me whilst I were given loads of abusive tweets from his lovers.

29. I’m beautiful positive this took place to fairly a couple of other folks, however tweeting the caricature of the Zodiac Killer to Ted Cruz.

30. My boyfriend were given blocked through Evgeni Malkin from the Pittsburgh Penguins for creating a meme of him and Sydney Crosby kissing the Stanley Cup with the caption “Two Girls, One Cup”.

He was once surely so excited to inform me and it made me love him much more.

31. Smashmouth introduced a excursion with Toad the Wet Sprocket, and introduced a competition to call the excursion. I advised “The Washed Up Tour” and were given insta-banned. No humorousness.

32. I’m blocked through Chris D’Elia on the whole thing, and he recorded it.

After seeing his Man on Fire particular, I commented on his Instagram publish “Man on Fire wasn’t great”. That’s it. Just my opinion on his particular, despite the fact that his earlier paintings and podcasts are superb. So he is going throughout the hundreds of feedback, sees mine, and blocks me on instagram. I in finding out weeks later. One day he tweets one thing and I answer “wait can you unblock me on IG?” He replies with fun and blocks me on twitter as smartly. The worst phase is, he recorded himself blockading my twitter and posts it on Instagram. I will be able to’t hyperlink you as a result of I’m blocked, however scroll right down to round June and also you’ll see the video.

33. The man who makes the Dilbert comics blocked me for tweeting erotic Garfield artwork at him.

34. Amy Schumer did a kind of “tell me something I don’t know” tweets. I used to be one of the crucial first to respond “comedy”. Annndddd blocked.

35. Blocked through Elon Musk once I advised him he must discover a higher method to take care of grievance.

36. Jonah Hill blocked me for many times commenting, “Do you like propane, and propane accessories as much as your uncle Hank?”

37. I used to be blocked through Craig Ferguson as a result of I tweeted at him that his mustache was once unsightly. The mustache was once quick lived.

38. Alec Baldwin blocked me for announcing boss child sucked.

39. I used to be blocked through Nick Crompton for tweeting that England was once in reality, no longer a town.

40. I were given blocked through Jenna Elfman for LINKING (I didn’t even tweet it at her!) her disastrous AMA on reddit when the entire feedback grew to become to her involvement with Scientology.

41. I used to be blocked through Bill Cosby for tweeting at him:

“Block me if you raped all those women.”

42. I used to be banned through Tito Ortiz. He were given himself trapped inside of an elevator and didn’t admire me telling him his head was once too heavy and he must’ve taken the steps.

43. Blocked through Mike Doughty who’s a musician and previous frontman of a band within the 90s/00s known as Soul Coughing.

The band broke up and many of the participants hate him so he’s actually sour about Soul Coughing songs (he did numerous medication too so I feel it Soul Coughing typically brings up numerous unhealthy reminiscences).

He tweeted that he was once reminiscing and taking note of SC songs and the way they have been all shit. I spoke back and simply discussed that I had actually fond reminiscences of rocking out to SC whilst I used to be running at Subway in highschool and he spoke back asking me if I sought after him to really feel another way? Weird reaction however I spoke back once more and mentioned one thing to the impact of “absolutely not. You feel how you feel and that’s fine. Just pointing out that people tend to be their own worst critic”.


No shit. Like 2 months later the fucking dude launched an album of him “covering” Soul Coughing songs solo.

It was once so dumb. The dude owes 90% of his fanbase to the luck of SC and when he went solo coated their stuff always. Bummed me out as a result of I used to be a large fan and simply sought after to be supportive.

44. Asked Sean Price to dam me so he spoke back ‘done’ after which blocked me. RIP Sean Price

45. I used to be at a practice that Deadmau5 was once at. I despatched a tweet asking if there was once going to be any type of autograph classes someday. Instantly blocked. I may just see him, so I realize it wasn’t him however anyone managing the account. I attempted the similar query worded another way on some other account, additionally banned immediately. Instantly which means in beneath 30 seconds.

46. Deadmau5 blocked me once I known as him skrillex and requested him to dj my Eight yr previous son’s celebration.

47. I’m blocked through Tyler Oakley (YouTuber) as a result of in seventh grade, I tweeted “I don’t even like Tyler Oakley” and I’m guessing he searched his personal identify and blocked me.

48. My buddy were given blocked through Dr Phil on Instagram as a result of she commented “daddy” on one among his posts.

49. I didn’t get blocked however again within the MyHouse days I advised Ice Cube if he was once in my house he must come smoke a blunt with me. He spoke back, “Don’t do drugs” and unfriended me

50. I’ve a pal who was once blocked through Smash Mouth for implying that the lead singer and Guy Fieri are the similar particular person. He then despatched a Cease and Desist to the radio station they paintings at. Sensitive man, that Guy Fieri. TC mark

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