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1544868925 dear rowan scarlett 8 month old twins - Dear Rowan & Scarlett – 8 Month Old Twins

Dear Rowan & Scarlett – 8 Month Old Twins

Dear Rowan & Scarlett – 8 Month Old Twins

8 month old twins

Rowan and Scarlett,

I’m LOVING this age! You two are simply the sweetest, cutest pair and your personalities are truly shining. You love your mama SO a lot and it makes me so satisfied that each time I come into the room, you completely illuminate, although I haven’t been long past lengthy! You each proceed to be beautiful laid again young children and are satisfied to waft anywhere we take you, so long as you’re fed. You are beginning to have interaction or even play just a little with one any other which is beautiful adorable!!! I already can see your dual bond forming!

8 month old twins
Rowan – photograph taken via Jaclyn – https://www.liveaesthete.com
8 month old twins
Scarlett – photograph taken via Jaclyn – https://www.liveaesthete.com
8 month old twins
Photo taken via Jaclyn – https://www.liveaesthete.com

You guys are each SO cellular! We’ve given up at the milestone blanket pictures as it’s simply inconceivable with either one of you squirming and sitting up and crawling round. You are crawling in every single place and like to discover. Scarlett has been pulling as much as status for approximately a month now and mid-month Rowan additionally began to drag to face. You guys each did it for the primary time within the crib however now you pull up on the whole lot and Scarlett even once in a while we could move and practices status for a 2d. Scarlett additionally does some very delicate cruising, not anything loopy (but). You’ve each discovered tips on how to climb one stair however you haven’t attempted any longer than that. And sadly with being so cellular you now not truly need to hand around in your playpen – you simply need to discover! But we nonetheless use the playpen on your protection from time to time. Changing your diaper or getting you each dressed is a battle each time since you do NOT need to keep nonetheless.

play pen for twins

You each are babbling, despite the fact that Scarlett is a lot more vocal. Scarlett says “dada” and “mamamamama”, however most commonly simply gibberish and not anything intentional in fact, despite the fact that once in a while it does sound like she’s pronouncing phrases. Rowan babbles too, however communicates a lot more with grunts and whines and usually cries much less when she bumps into issues, however fusses extra sooner than naps and bedtime. Scarlett is extra delicate to bodily bumps or falls and cries more difficult, however is more uncomplicated to go to sleep and seldom cries within the crib. Twin sisters 7 months old

You each nonetheless sleep throughout the evening and feature constantly because you have been five months outdated (you’ll learn our five month dual sleep time table right here and I’ll get an 8 month sleep time table posted quickly). We now have a good looking bedtime regimen the place your dad and I put you to mattress to your cribs after which your dad performs the ukulele and sings and your sister has a dance birthday celebration and/or performs her personal ukulele for you. I simply take a seat within the rocking chair and soak all of it in, once in a while making a song alongside. I completely love our middle of the night custom and it makes me so satisfied! On bathtub nights we put all three of you within the bathtub on the similar time now and also you each love splashing round together with your sister (Scarlett used not to like baths however you’ve come round). You are taking 2 naps some days and three naps different days, all of it depends upon how early you get up and the way lengthy the naps are. Your unsleeping time now can stretch to as much as three hours despite the fact that I nonetheless attempt to stay it at 2.five hours sooner than the primary and 2d nap.

twin bedtime routine
Daddy beginning to sing you to sleep!

You each LOVE meals such a lot. We’ve began supplying you with 3 foods an afternoon and you might be loving it. We are doing Baby Led Weaning, which means we come up with comfortable forged desk meals as a substitute of purees, however for lunch or at the move you’ll get a child meals pouch, which you guys truly love. I take a look at to shop for those with meals that you simply don’t incessantly devour in order that you’re getting a greater diversity of vitamins. You guys are consuming such a lot that you’re ingesting much less formulation, however I be sure you feed you your milk sooner than you devour a meal since I do know you continue to want it! Scarlett will devour the rest however we’ve discovered that Rowan, you could have began turning into extra explicit about meals and appearing transparent personal tastes (LOVE avocado, now not an enormous broccoli fan, who can blame you!?).

1544868922 413 dear rowan scarlett 8 month old twins - Dear Rowan & Scarlett – 8 Month Old Twins
Baby led weaning with the occasional pouch!


twins z
Running the Encinitas Turkey Trot

Some amusing firsts from this month: First (actual) time at the swing for either one of you (Scarlett did take a seat within the swing as soon as sooner than however didn’t truly swing), first Turkey Trot (your dad driven Siena within the stroller and I driven you two and ran with my pal Asia), first time assembly Santa, first commute to the zoo and primary time in daycare (on the YMCA gymnasium – Rowan liked it, Scarlett had some separation nervousness to start with).

8 month old twins 8 month old twins

8 month old twins
You guys liked Santa – your sister was once slightly extra wary.
1544868922 9 dear rowan scarlett 8 month old twins - Dear Rowan & Scarlett – 8 Month Old Twins
With Nana and Boo and your cousins Molly and April

This vacation season has been so glorious with you two in our circle of relatives! We love you such a lot!





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