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diy chocolate face mask recipe benefits - DIY Chocolate Face Mask Recipe (& Benefits)

DIY Chocolate Face Mask Recipe (& Benefits)

DIY Chocolate Face Mask Recipe (& Benefits)

Chocolate Face Mask Recipe

Chocolate Face Mask Recipe

Chocolate is a scrumptious deal with, but it surely additionally doubles as a skin care aspect. There’s chocolate in my selfmade basis powder or even in my dry shampoo recipe for the ones busy, greasy hair days. This fit for human consumption chocolate face masks options uncooked cacao powder and different elements proper from the kitchen that make pores and skin more healthy, the tasty approach.

Hmm, make a smoothie or deal with my pores and skin? Maybe I’ll double the recipe and do each!

Is Chocolate Good for Your Face?

In a phrase, sure! This masks comprises a number of elements which are all very good for the surface…

Skin Benefits of Raw Cacao

Cacao powder is actually the megastar of the display right here. This dietary powerhouse is prime in antioxidants, magnesium, selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, potassium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, pantothenic acid, folate, B6, nicain, and riboflavin. These minerals and different elements paintings in combination to forestall pores and skin mobile harm and service broken pores and skin.

The caffeine in cacao will increase movement to the surface to scale back redness and tone pores and skin for a less attackable look. Theobromine is some other antioxidant present in cacao much less stimulating than caffeine however nonetheless recognized to extend blood go with the flow to the surface. Theobromine has additionally been studied for its talent to give protection to towards solar harm or even most cancers.

This chocolate face masks is totally fit for human consumption, and I admit, it’s arduous to withstand the temptation to lick the bowl. It’s as wholesome to devour as it’s for the face despite the fact that, so no judgement should you munch a short time ready to clean it off!

Skin Benefits of Banana

Chocolate and banana style nice in combination, however in addition they play neatly in combination in a face masks. Bananas are prime in diet C, B6, folate, riboflavin, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and niacin. (Not to say diet A, thiamin, selenium, iron and pantothenic acid in smaller doses.)

An fascinating learn about discovered extraordinarily prime ranges of the antioxidant dopamine in each the peel and pulp of bananas. Bananas additionally include various polyphenol antioxidants that assist to give protection to cells and maintain the integrity of the frame’s cells.

I like the consequences of banana at the pores and skin, even if I don’t love bananas. But should you aren’t a banana fan both, you’ll be able to depart this out or change just a little additional yogurt.

Skin Benefits of Yogurt

Grass-fed yogurt has a distinct dietary profile than typical, grain-fed yogurt, making it the best selection for intake and this face masks. It additionally boasts about 62% upper in anti inflammatory omega-3 (whilst grain-fed cows produce dairy prime in inflammation-causing omega-6).

Grass-fed dairy merchandise also are as much as five instances upper in conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. CLA has been proven to scale back irritation and struggle unfastened radical harm that may end up in cancerous tumors.

Yogurt could also be wealthy in probiotics, calcium, nutrients A and D, B12, B2, and phosphorous.

Make yogurt at house from grass-fed milk, or search for high quality manufacturers within the native farmers’ marketplace or herbal grocery retailer. (It will have to be famous that now not all natural yogurt is from grass-fed cows, some are simply fed natural feed as a substitute of getting good enough pasture time.)

Skin Benefits of Raw Honey

I regularly wash my pores and skin with uncooked honey for its skin-soothing advantages. Raw honey is of course antibacterial, making it nice for acne-prone pores and skin varieties. This sticky substance is anti inflammatory, is helping heal blemishes, balances pH, and cleanses pores. It’s extremely moisturizing and combats the indicators of growing old pores and skin via expanding firmness and reducing pores and skin imperfections.

Here’s mix these types of scrumptious elements right into a herbal face masks:

Chocolate Face Mask Recipe

This recipe makes sufficient for 2 face mask.



  1. Mash the banana with a fork, then upload the remainder of the elements.
  2. Generously observe the chocolate aggregate to the face and neck.
  3. After 10-20 mins, wash the face masks off.

Storage: Leftovers will stay within the refrigerator for an afternoon or so, however I don’t suggest this actual masks for storing or gifting. (One of those different herbal face masks recipes will have to paintings despite the fact that!)

Tip: Double the recipe, since you’re certain to have some chocolate cravings after the usage of this masks!

Are you death to check out this tempting chocolate face masks? What different fit for human consumption attractiveness concoctions do you combine up at house?

Exquisite Chocolate Face Mask Recipe

Exquisite Chocolate Face Mask Recipe

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