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Easy Cracked Freekeh Porridge with Quinoa - Easy Cracked Freekeh Porridge with Quinoa

Easy Cracked Freekeh Porridge with Quinoa

Easy Cracked Freekeh Porridge with Quinoa

This submit is backed through Bob’s Red Mill, my go-to corporate for natural and herbal complete grains, baking necessities, and flours. I particularly love them as a result of they make it simple to get my arms on extra unique complete grains like freekeh! Keep studying to be informed extra about this Middle Eastern grain and the way I take advantage of it to make scrumptious nutty freekeh porridge. Get in a position to fall in love with this factor! 

Freekeh Porridge | @sweetpotatosoul

As fall rolls in, so do my cravings for hearty and candy breakfast porridges. Oatmeal is scrumptious however oats aren’t the one complete grain you’ll be able to use to make creamy scrumptious breakfast porridge. My favourite grain at the present time is freekeh! If you’re acquainted with Middle Eastern cooking, chances are you’ll already know and find it irresistible. Freekeh is roasted and cracked inexperienced durum wheat. It chefs temporarily, and fills the kitchen with an alluring toasty aroma. The taste is nutty and toasty, and the feel is rather chewy. It’s highest!

Freekeh Porridge | @sweetpotatosoul

Traditionally freekeh has been used all through the Middle East in pilafs made with different regional components: suppose cinnamon, cumin, and nuts. I’ve used it in pilafs myself, but in addition tossed it in salads, stirred it into soups, and served it with curry. With the arriving of cooler mornings, I’ve maximum incessantly been consuming it as a porridge.

Perhaps the most productive factor about this freekeh porridge is that you’ll be able to make it with pre-prepped grains. I love to prepare dinner a cup of the freekeh with a part cup of crimson or tri-color quinoa to offer it a little bit extra shade, then retailer all of it within the refrigerator till it’s time to whip up breakfast. In the morning merely heat a serving of the grains with some non-dairy milk, and most sensible with your favourite porridge fixin’s. For me that’s cinnamon, seasonal fruit (recently pear and pomegranate), nuts or seeds, and a sweetener. Since it is a Middle Eastern grain, I’ve been sweetening it with chopped dates and Bee Free Honee.

Freekeh Porridge | @sweetpotatosoul

Freekeh porridge is top in protein, fiber, complicated carbohydrates, B nutrients, zinc, magnesium, iron, and manganese. One bowl within the morning will stay you complete for hours! Or for those who’re pregnant, like I’m, a small bowl earlier than mattress will stay you nourished all through the night time, getting rid of the ones 3am refrigerator runs 😉

Freekeh Porridge | @sweetpotatosoul

I all the time purchase my freekeh from Bob’s Red Mill, and no longer simply because they’re the one corporate that sells it my native giant grocery retail outlets. I really like that they’re 100% worker owned, and the standard is all the time the most productive. Of direction you’ll be able to purchase the quinoa for this freekeh porridge from Bob’s Red Mill too! Here are a couple of different complete grains from them that I like to recommend making an attempt + vegan recipes to make use of them in: creamy quinoa porridge, teff & almond flour pancakes (recipe underneath video), teff porridgefarro pilaf with arugula pesto, farro filled candy potatoes with leeks & wild mushrooms.

Cracked Freekeh Porridge with Quinoa


This freekeh porridge is so heavenly, and it is tremendous flexible. Feel loose to observe my recipe as is, or switch out the toppings in your favorites. You too can use this porridge making method (that means: the use of pre-cooked complete grains) with farro, bulgar, teff, rice, barley, wheat berries, or oat groats. Cooking it from scratch this dish will have to take 25 mins. Making it with pre-cooked grains will take you simply Five mins within the morning. This recipe is for four servings so you’ll be able to consume it all through the week.


  • ½ cup crimson or tricolor quinoa
  • 1 cup Bob’s Red Mill natural cracked freekeh
  • about four cups non-dairy milk
  • eight dried apricots and/or dates
  • ¼ cup pomegranate arils
  • 1 pear, cored and sliced
  • ¼ cup blueberries, recent or frozen
  • ¼-1/2 cup toasted pumpkin seeds, or slivered toasted almonds
  • ¼ cup Bee Free Honee, maple syrup, agave, or sorghum syrup


  1. Pour quinoa right into a saucepan over medium warmth, and toast for approximately 30 seconds, or till you scent it toasting. Give it a shake each and every few seconds.
  2. Add the freekeh, three cups of water and ½ teaspoon of salt and produce to a boil.
  3. Cook over medium-low warmth with the lid ajar for approximately 25 mins, or till grains are smooth.
  4. Warm non-dairy milk at the range or within the microwave. If you’re making only one serving, heat simply 1 cup, or much less if you need a thicker porridge.
  5. Spoon a serving of the freekeh and quinoa (a couple of quarter of what you made) right into a bowl, and most sensible with the non-dairy milk.
  6. Then most sensible with fruit, nuts, and sweetener.
  7. NOTE: Grains will keep recent in refrigerator for Five-7 days. If you’re making this with pre-cooked grains heat them and the non-dairy milk one after the other or in combination earlier than playing.


Freekeh Porridge | @sweetpotatosoul



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