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I want to make some killer corned beef/pastrami : AskCulinary

I want to make some killer corned beef/pastrami : AskCulinary

Hey, so Im lovely skilled with smoked meats and now to find myself sizing up the cured meats rabbit hollow. In explicit St Patricks Day is bobbing up subsequent month and I want to check out a corned pork.

Been doing numerous analysis and Im most likely going to base the my brine on ruhlman’s, amazingribs, and alton browns recipes essentially. I intend to do a complete packer brisket break up into level and flat. One will probably be used for corned pork, the opposite will probably be smoked for pastrami. I will probably be the usage of Hoosier Hill Farm pickling spices and #1 purple salt.

A couple of questions circling my thoughts:

  1. How smartly will have to I trim the brisket after splitting it? I am pondering of slicing off maximum the arduous fats however leaving some on as I would a smoked brisket.

  2. Should I brine them in numerous boxes? Different occasions if they’re other thicknesses?

  3. Recommendation on which piece to smoke and which piece to consume as corned pork? Im leaning against smoking the purpose since flat is extra susceptible to drying out (corned pork will probably be braised or boiled)

  4. Cure time- I perceive this can be a serve as of the energy of the brine and varies so much. Is it conceivable to overbrine in some way that cant be remedied by way of soaking in water afterwards? I would not thoughts a protracted brine ie up to 2 weeks (ive learn some other people say they discovered longer brines higher) but in addition dont want it to finally end up too salty. Flavorful, certain.

  5. Liquid flavorings- ie apple juice or beer in brine, sure or no? I just like the sound of each tbh and cant select which one.

Any different guidelines or stuff I will have to know is welcome. My mouth has already been drooling excited about it 1 month prematurely. Thanks!

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