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Introducing Cake Beauty! (And Body Products That Smell Like Dessert)

Introducing Cake Beauty! (And Body Products That Smell Like Dessert)

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Is there a sourdough-scented cleaning soap? A breadstick frame butter? A rye loaf hand cream? To the most productive of my wisdom, maximum attractiveness merchandise that scent like baked items are of the candy selection — cake, cookies, frosting.


I really like candy scents up to the following Nutella lover, however there’s a tremendous line between juuuuuust candy sufficient and gag-inducing.

Remember Jessica Simpson’s Dessert attractiveness line of suitable for eating merchandise that was once at Sephora a couple of billion years in the past? It had lipglosses and frame glitters and creams you should consume? Even despite the fact that I’m THAT PERSON who shamelessly orders two truffles at dinner, each and every time I stuck a whiff of probably the most merchandise I sought after to toss my cookies. They have been too candy for me, however a lot of people beloved them. (Side be aware: Apparently there weren’t sufficient individuals who beloved them, despite the fact that, as a result of they have been hit with a couple of complaints and therefore went into bankruptcy.)

Everyone has a distinct opinion in the case of fragrances. One girl’s cloying is every other girl’s perfection. Like, at this time I’m right into a kinda up-and-coming Canadian cruelty-free logo referred to as Cake. They make dessert-scented frame and hair merchandise, and so they’re coming quickly to the U.S. in Rite Aid shops.

cake beauty
A couple of of my favorites from Cake Beauty, coming this month to Rite Aid.

I’ve been metaphorically devouring (since the merchandise aren’t if truth be told suitable for eating) the shampoo, conditioner (why do I like that it’s referred to as a “creme rinse”?), frame cream and the hand cream, and each and every time I sniff my arms or my hair I am going YUM! — however I’m certain there’s any individual available in the market who would utterly barf as a substitute. LOL!

Unsurprisingly, I really like merchandise that scent like issues I’ll consume, so the rest with caramel, vanilla and honey, however generally provided that the goods even have some sour notes for stability, like espresso, darkish chocolate or lemon…

Yes, I do know I’m bizarre, ha ha.

Anything too artificially sugary, like sturdy buttercream, meringue or cotton sweet, turns my abdomen.

While we’re at the subject, how do really feel about frame merchandise with a “milk” odor? Are you within the “love it” or “hate it” camp? I’m within the heart. I will be able to take it in small doses, however my good friend Cindy CANNOT stand the rest that remotely smells like milk as a result of she dated this dude as soon as whose pores and skin smelled like bitter milk, and it ruined milk for her. But she’s all about inexperienced tea scents!

Yeah, you understand any individual’s a just right good friend whilst you know their perfume loves and hates and why, ha ha!

Your pleasant community community attractiveness addict,


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