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Madcow 5×5 The Most Effective Workout for Intermediate Lifters - Madcow 5×5: The Most Effective Workout for Intermediate Lifters

Madcow 5×5: The Most Effective Workout for Intermediate Lifters

Madcow five×five: The Most Effective Workout for Intermediate Lifters

Madcow five×five is the educational program which I like to recommend you to do whenever you’re now not making growth to your Squats with StrongLifts five×five. It’s aimed toward intermediate lifters.

When to change from StrongLifts five×five to Madcow five×five is dependent upon your body-weight and age. A 30y outdated man weighing round 200lb will normally have to change after attaining the 300lb Squat. The lighter/heavier you’re, the earlier/later the transfer to Madcow.

Origins of Madcow.
 Several years in the past “Madcow” used to be a person at EliteFitness.com who spent many afternoons at the telephone with Olympic trainer Glenn Pendlay MS. In 2005 he started publishing the whole thing he discovered at the defunct Geocities (backup of the website online right here). Nobody is aware of who he used to be, he looked as if it would have disappeared from the entire boards he visited round mid 2007.

The 2 maximum necessary works of Madcow have been his Intermediate and Advanced coaching methods. It’s his intermediate coaching program this is now repeatedly referred to as Madcow five×five. The program is very similar to the Texas Method since Madcow spent numerous time at the telephone with the author of the Texas Method – trainer Glenn Pendlay MS himself.

Madcow vs. StrongLifts five×five.
With Madcow you’ll nonetheless do all workouts of StrongLifts five×five incl the 3x/week Squats. But since you are actually an intermediate lifter transferring larger weights, this system introduces three changes to optimize restoration from the increasingly more demanding workout routines (restoration is essential for power good points)…

  1. No extra five units of five with the similar weight. Instead you’ll do ramped up units: building up your weight each and every set like while you warm-up and end with a heavy set of five reps (1×five). Ramped up units are more uncomplicated than five×five throughout, particularly because you will have to now be Squatting round 300lb.
  2. No extra exercise to exercise will increase. You’ll now not upload weight 3x/week as a result of your physique doesn’t recuperate that speedy anymore as soon as on the intermediate degree. Instead you’ll building up the load on a weekly foundation – each and every week you’ll elevate 5lb greater than the former week.
  3. No extra heavy Squats 3x/week. Wednesday is a gentle Squat day the place you’ll be Squatting much less weight than on Monday and Friday. This gentle day supplies you additional bodily and psychological restoration for Friday’s exercise.

Realize that not one of the above changes will get advantages you until you’re an intermediate lifter. You’ll at all times acquire power sooner on StrongLifts five×five as a result of there the load will increase by way of 5lb 3x/week. Forget about boosting your Squat by way of 120lb in simplest eight weeks with Madcow. 10lb per 30 days to your Squat is extra real looking. If that doesn’t sound a lot, notice that it’s nonetheless 120lb in 1 yr.

How Madcow Works.
Remember 1×five stand for ramped up units – four units of five reps with the load expanding till you succeed in your ultimate heavy set of five. Here’s the template that I like to recommend you to practice…

The 2×five Squats on Wednesday is lighter than on Monday for restoration. The 1×three on Friday could also be ramped up – four units of five reps with the load expanding, then a heavy triple. This is adopted by way of a gentle back-off set of eight reps.

To make a selection your beginning weight, simply insert your numbers into the excel document, you’ll robotically understand how a lot to boost each and every exercise, for every workout, and on every set.

Free: obtain the Madcow five×five spreadsheet to get 12 weeks of coaching calculated for you. You’ll know which workouts, weights, units & reps to do every exercise, and what sort of initially. Signup to my day-to-day electronic mail tricks to get the spreadsheet. Just click on right here.

Remember beginning too gentle is healthier than too heavy – let it’s simple the primary weeks, center of attention on method and pace, and simplest purpose to wreck PRs beginning week four. For additional info, learn Madcow’s authentic information right here.

Madcow Success Stories.
First StrongLifts Member James G. (42y, USA) who did Madcow for five months. James Deadlifts 520lb as of late.

Next StrongLifts Member Vlad (39y, Denmark), one in all my ex-private purchasers who did Madcow for 20 weeks after 6 months of SL5x5. Vlad Deadlifts 550lb as of late.

Finally StrongLifts Member Lucas (24y, Netherlands) who did Madcow three months. This used to be his second spherical, Lucas made the error of beginning with Madcow the primary time when he used to be simplest Squatting 50kg as an alternative of starting with StrongLifts five×five. Don’t make the similar mistake. His good points the second spherical…

  • Body-weight: 79kg to 84kg (+5kg)
  • Squat: 130kg to 150kg (+20kg)
  • Deadlift: 150kg to 160kg (+10kg)
  • Bench Press: 90kg to 97,5kg (+7,5kg)

Obviously Madcow works or it wouldn’t be any such in style coaching program. I extremely suggest you to provide i  a take a look at whenever you’re now not gaining power with StrongLifts five×five. Don’t disregard to ship me your good fortune tale after a minimum of three months (preferably five).

Signup to my day-to-day electronic mail tricks to get Madcow five×five spreadsheet. Just click on right here.

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