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Maya Angelou’s Prayer and Meditation Practice! | CurlyNikki

Maya Angelou’s Prayer and Meditation Practice! | CurlyNikki

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“Along this path of knowledge, I find that prayer and meditation are elemental. Guidance comes from those practices. Sometimes in meditation one really tries to think of nothing. I do, anyway. I try not to have any focus or use any focus to get away from everything. I try to make myself a quiet vessel, a quiet pool where ideas can rise. Prayer, on the other hand, does focus and keeps the focus in focus. I think that I use both to get myself out of the way. Sometimes our daily problems can so impede our progress to quietude that one needs to step aside. I think when we step aside, when get apart from everyone else and any other ideas and meditate and pray, I think that we can be led to the knowledge of how to meet our next challenge, whatever it is–whether it’s physical, psychological, practical, social. I believe that.”

“Some people tell me I have an abundant life, and I have to agree. There’s a song that I’ve known forever, ‘My father’s rich in houses and land, He holds the world… all the world in his hands. His coffers are filled with silver and gold. My father’s riches, he has riches untold. And I am a child of a king.’ So, if I’m a child of the king and my father has everything and loves me… you understand? So, I ask for everything- everything I need, and I have much more than I need.” – Maya Angelou


This week, I would like you to prioritize the Silence. Make your self the ‘quiet vessel’ and ‘get out of your personal means’, so that you can pay attention HER ideas, and spread HER trail. 5-10 mins each morning is all you wish to have, ahead of you get off the bed and get started your day… however on a daily basis, even though. No excuses. No exceptions. Will you devote?

Fun Fact: In a random interview I stumbled upon as of late, Oprah shared that ‘Discover the Power Within You‘, by way of Eric Butterworth modified her lifestyles early on, serving to her uncover the presence of the Kingdom inside. It was once one of the vital first spirituality books she learn! So naturally I Googled it, and after I noticed that the queen, Maya Angelou, had written the foreword to the 40th anniversary version, I needed to have it (if Maya mess wit chu, I mess wit chu!). I’m smartly into the center of the e-book and I HIGHLY suggest it!

I additionally got here throughout a super 6 minute communicate by way of Butterworth on his Christian-based definition of mediation and I could not agree extra. Check it out ASAP (and peep the battery analogy– I LOVE IT!) and decide to emptying your self out to make room for the Bliss!

Love you such a lot and know that this week is your week, HER season! Own it! Smile. You were given this!

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