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My Vegan and mostly Alcohol Free Lifestyle... and WHY. CurlyNikki - My Vegan and (mostly) Alcohol-Free Lifestyle... and WHY. | CurlyNikki

My Vegan and (mostly) Alcohol-Free Lifestyle… and WHY. | CurlyNikki

My Vegan and (most commonly) Alcohol-Free Lifestyle… and WHY. | CurlyNikki

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Hola Chicas!

So I have been vegan off and on for the final 12 months, and keep sharing pics of my favourite dishes on IG.  The DMs and emails had been so severe, that I believed I might percentage right here!

Y’all: How lengthy have you ever been vegan?

Me: I referred to as myself a flexatarian up till May 2018, however had been absolutely vegan ever since– my longest stint but! I might return to fish every now and then, and one time fell the entire means off the wagon right into a plate of Dominican chicharron and ox tail.  Bomb.  And after a cup of fish nibblers from White Castles again in past due April, I made up our minds I used to be the entire means executed, and have not craved meat, fish, dairy, or eggs since!  I am additionally most commonly gluten unfastened because of the gastrointestinal misery.

Do you omit meat? 

As any individual who may consume fried oysters, shrimp and clam strips for breakfast, and pass ham within the Honey Baked Ham retailer on any given non-holiday day, I’d say that it’s been an extended and exhausting adventure to in reality ‘loving’ veggies.  I am not a salad particular person… so I am not ‘that’ more or less vegan.  Between mushrooms (grilled, smoked, or sautéed), jackfruit, and the magnificent meat substitutes they have rolled out, I am just right.  Beyond Meat has a brat now… and it now not simplest snaps like a brat (they were given that pores and skin/casing down!), it tastes like one.  And I wept.

Why, tho?

Fat-ass hamburger arteries. I have had rather increased ldl cholesterol since I used to be 18, ‘reason bacon. At my final once a year bodily, in spite of my wholesome look and weight (I am the load I used to be pre-Gia), my ldl cholesterol used to be nonetheless hitting border line top… most commonly on account of the Dominican eating place in strolling distance. That, plus I am a heavy researcher.  I knew what I used to be intended to be doing.  *Just like you recognize what you are intended to be doing!* I threw out the entire muffins, cookies, and pies, and different processed unnecessaries long ago in ’08.  I had noticed the documentaries, however would nonetheless return to the terrible-awful.  I believe I hit a turning level after my experiments with juice fasts– I’d really feel so energized and transparent, that I knew that if I lower out the heavy animal merchandise, I may revel in this readability, whilst additionally consuming precise meals.

Also, mucus. I had thriller, non-allergy similar, put up nasal drip for years, and at all times knew it used to be dairy, however could not give it up.  Since going vegan, the fairway monster has vacated. Unless I consume an excessive amount of wheat, and then he units up camp once more.

What do you consume? 

EVERYTHING! Except animal merchandise, to incorporate honey.  Honey used to be the final and toughest factor to surrender.  I might nonetheless almost definitely take some in my tea if the agave or sugar ran dry.  Despite my vegan or plant-based label, I nonetheless revel in ice cream, spaghetti, tacos, burgers, brats, enchiladas, quesadillas, fried ‘fish’, fried ‘hen’, and different greasy deliciousness.  But maximum of my nutrition is made from rice, quinoa, stir fries (heavy at the shrooms), culmination, and nuts (and buckets of french fries and hashbrowns, I inform no lies).  I drink a large number of water (with a dash of cranberry juice), slightly somewhat of tea (Black with almond milk and somewhat sugar or agave), and a dose of Amazing Greens, day by day.

Fun fact– I gave up my close to nightly glass of Pinot Noir again in January. I nonetheless had 10 kilos of child weight that would not budge. I used to be consuming blank… now not understanding (however I by no means in reality do), however rattling positive consuming blank, apart from for once I wasn’t haha. I googled ‘alcohol and weight reduction’ and discovered that it is not simply the energy that is the drawback, it is the means your frame processes alcohol.  Your frame sees it as a toxin, and in an instant will get to paintings looking to get it from your machine, which pushes the entirety else, like fats burning, down the concern record.  I stored googling ‘I will unfastened weight AND nonetheless drink’, however I knew what needed to be executed.  It wasn’t even three weeks later and the entire weight used to be long past with out every other tweaks to my nutrition or way of life. I additionally really feel a lot clearer each morning, and have a herbal top.  I nonetheless drink after we pass out– I will’t consume al fresco and NOT drink, lol.  I attempted, and it isn’t a laugh. Life’s too shawt!

At any charge, final analysis, if you are caught at a weight plateau, giving up the wine may assist!  You can begin libations after you achieve your superb poundage.

What about your circle of relatives?

My oldsters had been vegan since May (due to yours actually, and the Netflix documentary ‘What the Health’ a pal made them watch). Dad is down 25 kilos with a normalizing blood drive (that is all nutrition, he cannot exercise because of an damage), and mother has dropped 2 pant sizes!  And anyone that is been following me is aware of we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to consume!  So it is been so cool staring at them flawlessly and (virtually) easily make the transition, in spite of a long time of unhealthy conduct!  I say virtually, as a result of there is in reality slightly somewhat effort if you wish to achieve success… it’s a must to get within the kitchen and prepare dinner! If now not, you can to find your self consuming for comfort once more. Dad changed into a chef years in the past, so he simply swapped the steak for portobellos and he is in there!  Gene (hubby) is a flexatarian however vegan maximum days (fried hen on others), and the children are slowly transitioning.  Max is like 90%, however Gia does not need to do the rest I am doing it seems that, she’s simplest eight, however acts 15!  I will stay you posted in this entrance!

What are a few of your favourite retailer purchased pieces?

Whole Foods
Beyond Burger (gluten and soy unfastened, plus non-gmo… best possible pretend burger available in the market) 
Beyond Bratwurst (gluten and soy unfastened, plus non-gmo… best possible pretend brat available in the market)
Double Cream Chive Vegan Cheese Wheel (this proper right here… with some fig or a date + a gluten unfastened cracker… thank me later. This cheese tastes and spreads like a just right goat cheese.) 
Frozen Jasmine Rice (I am lazy, and that is the answer. 1 minute within the microwave = scrumptious and fluffy rice)
Daiya Cheese Shreds (melts fantastically on pizza and in quesadillas! If cheese is a 10, it is like a 7.five)
Pure Blends Coconut-Oil Plant Based Butter (spreads, seems to be, and tastes like butter)

Trader Joes
Chickenless Orange Chicken
Chickenless Chicken Strips 

Snickerdoodles  (the primary time I purchased those, I bought 2 packing containers. The cashier instructed me how just right they have been, and I proceeded to the auto. After a minute or so, I got here again within the retailer with a responsible glance on my face. The cashier noticed me, smiled, and requested, ‘you opened a field did not you?!’ He used to be proper! I attempted one, and NEEDED to shop for five extra packing containers simply in case! They’re vegan, gluten unfastened, and style like Christmas!) 
Jackfruit — My dad formed a can of jackfruit into pretend pulled beef sandwiches, and his brothers (all fierce meat eaters) ate the shit out of them! Google some recipes.  Bomb. 

MorningStar Buffalo Wings (I do my best possible to keep away from soy, however those suckers, right here? At least they are non gmo… I pair w/ dill pickle and onion, and dip them in Daiya logo vegan Ranch, and then I die and pass to heaven.)
AlmondDream Ice Cream  (tastes similar to the actual factor, in contrast to any other manufacturers)
Teriyaki Bok Choy Sautee Kit (arms down the most efficient pre-made stir fry package. When I will to find it, I purchase it by means of the barrel) 
Ripple Pea Protein Milk (I combine somewhat of this and a little Califia Farms Almond Milk in combination for Max and he loves it! High in protein and energy, and not one of the BS) 
Aldi’s Chickenless Patties 
Aldi’s Chocolate Ice Cream

As I call to mind extra, I will upload it!

Love y’all!

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