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oc homemade chicken tenders foodporn - [OC] Homemade chicken tenders : FoodPorn

[OC] Homemade chicken tenders : FoodPorn

[OC] Homemade chicken tenders : FoodPorn

lovely easy. I used a premixed dredge via Louisiana Fish Fry emblem that my mother proficient me. https://retailer.louisianafishfry.com/merchandise/batters-coatings/la-fish-fry-seasoned-crispy-chicken-fry.html

it is in reality lovely excellent. I believe she mentioned she were given it at good and ultimate?

Followed a tip I were given in r/cooking a couple of months in the past and put the strips within the dredge “dry” first to coat them which is helping the breading stick on higher right through frying. Then I did my rainy coat with milk (buttermilk is most popular however I’m lazy), and did a 2d coating of dredge that used to be a 50/50 mix of the pre seasoned combination and Italian bread crumbs.

The 2d tip I’d give is don’t move at once from dredging to the frying oil. whenever you do the 2d coating of dredge, position the strips on a cord rack and let the dredge take in the combination, getting that cheesy/sticky appear and feel. doing this additional is helping the batter keep on personally. all in all this takes only some mins for this step.

Once you get all of your chicken dredged, put it to your oil at 350*(F), and cook dinner them until they are a pleasant golden brown and a meat thermometer reads 165*(F) within the middle of your thickest piece. And in case you are like me and dont have a deep fryer, be sure to turn the chicken a pair instances right through frying to get them great and golden the entire approach round.

position them on a blank cord rack with some paper towels beneath to catch the dripping oil like grandma taught you as you take away them from the oil, and sprinkle a bit little bit of kosher salt on them whilst they are nonetheless sizzling like Andrew Rea taught you.

BAM, like Emeril taught you. Homemade chicken strips.

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