On Spiritual Growth – Neghar Fonooni

On Spiritual Growth – Neghar Fonooni

Sometimes I simply need the whole thing to fuck proper off.

I don’t all the time *need* the drama, the strain, the WORK of getting to procedure and set up each and every goddamn feeling and lively change. Sometimes I wish to numb and distract and cope, as an alternative of discover what’s occurring underneath the skin, the teachings the Universe relentlessly doles out.

This dedication to “higher consciousness” and private expansion is fuckin’ onerous—and from time to time it wears me out, proper all the way down to my bones.

It’s greater than “okay” to really feel this manner—it’s HUMAN. I’m human. You’re human. At some level you’ll need everybody and the whole thing to fuck the entire means off so you’ll devour your chocolate coated pretzels and binge on Netflix in peace. And that’s simply fantastic, bb.

Not each and every second of your human enjoy must be spent in non secular introspection. You can also be self conscious and concurrently make a selection to take a look at. You don’t want to dissect each and every funky temper and unpack each and every unmarried cause.

Sometimes what you want is a couple of hours—days, even—of now not giving a fuck, the entire whilst realizing that you just do.

Catch your breath.

Take a damage from the whole thing, together with your self.

This adventure of self exploration is a marathon, now not a dash.

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