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sallie house americas most haunted residence - Sallie House: America’s Most Haunted Residence?

Sallie House: America’s Most Haunted Residence?

Sallie House: America’s Most Haunted Residence?

Perched close to the banks of the Missouri River in Kansas, the Sallie House is simple little stone space become the point of interest of intense exposure within the 1990s when a married couple reported that the husband was once being time and again attacked and tormented via the ghost of somewhat lady named Sallie.

Sallie House

As legend has it, Sallie died from a botched appendectomy round 1905. She it appears by no means forgave the physician and has time and again attacked men—most effective men—who input the home.

Apart from the ghost of somewhat lady attacking men and leaving scratch and burn marks on them, the next paranormal phenomena have additionally been noticed at Sallie House:

  • The sounds of animals, ladies, boys, males, and girls. Many mysterious voices, talking audibly and in English, were captured in the home the usage of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recording generation.
  • Unexplainable thumps, knocks, thuds, and the sounds of nonexistent furnishings transferring.
  • Lights turning off and on via themselves.
  • Bricks flying at other folks’s heads out of nowhere after they undertaking down into the basement.
  • Dogs barking at unseen items.
  • Areas in rooms which might be surprisingly chilly.
  • Fires erupting out of nowhere.
  • Picture frames grew to become the other way up.
  • “Extreme smells” such because the scent of burning sulfur.
  • Objects transferring and levitating.
  • Weirdly formed and coloured orbs showing in images taken on the space.
  • Stuffed animals—teddy bears, particularly—rearranging themselves in an upstairs bed room.

Although Sallie House was once constructed within the 1870s, just about all the paranormal task at what is referred to now as “Sallie House” began within the 1990s when a tender married couple moved into this unassuming little white stone space on N. Second Street in Atchison, KS.

The Pickman Family’s Two Years of Horror

Tony and Debra Pickman moved into the home whilst newly married and Debra was once pregnant together with her son Taylor.

On the morning of October 31, 1993 once you have house from paintings, Tony says he went into the kitchen to pour himself a tumbler of milk when he was once startled via the sight of a tender lady looking at him—and he or she appeared startled on the sight of him, too. He dropped his glass to the ground, the place it shattered into items, and ran up terrified the steps to touch Debra. It was once most effective later that he recalled that the lady was once dressed in somewhat white get dressed that seemed adore it got here from the 1800s.

According to Debra, Tony bumped into their bed room out of breath and stated, “I saw her, I saw her.” When she requested who he noticed, he stated, “Sallie”:

She seemed simply as actual as you and I; blameless having a look and candy. She had a stunned glance on her face as though she was once simply as curious. She wasn’t horrifying having a look in any respect.

Over the following two years—and once in a while on digicam as movie crews had been taping—Tony would turn out to be coated in bloody scratches and burn marks. A couple of occasions he was once knocked backward onto the ground and pinned down as though an invisible pressure was once restraining him.

Debra says that during an try to appease Sallie’s spirit, they introduced her items reminiscent of toy dolls. But the assaults on Tony didn’t prevent:

Now, Tony would typically no longer recognize her, and on one instance, when I left the room, leaving him mendacity at the sofa, she bit him at the again of his thigh. The chew didn’t smash the outside however did go away enamel marks, according of that of a tender kid. I don’t have in mind why we didn’t take footage of this. I must additionally point out that [our baby] Taylor was once only some months previous and had no enamel. In addition, the places of the enamel marks had been such that Tony would have needed to were a contortionist to have made them.

After two years, the Pickmans had sufficient and moved in other places. They returned a couple of decade later with psychic investigators. The first few visits proceeded with out incident.

But after a couple of protected visits, Debra says Tony was once assaulted once more:

Tony was once brutally attacked most effective mins later, being lifted and thrown 4 toes backwards right into a door and not able to rise up as a result of a pressure was once conserving him down….It was once most effective the phrases, “In the name of God let him go”, that enabled him to get again on his toes to escape the home and its grip. We fled the home so rapid that we didn’t understand the wear and tear that the door hitting the wall had executed, however contacted the landlord to let him know what had came about.

Other Ghosts Besides Sallie

According to Debra Pickman, a number of different spirits but even so Sallie additionally infest the home:

  • Agnes Finney—daughter of the couple who owned the home longer than any person else.
  • Brandon—an simply annoyed “dominant adult male” with a excellent humorousness who pranks adults as a way to make kids snort.
  • Charles Finney—an older male with an effeminate vocal impact who many years in the past competed as an ice skater whilst dressed as a feminine.
  • Edith—a senile older girl whom everybody turns out to like.
  • Frank Jr.—a person who died in Kansas City a 12 months after Sallie died when his mother botched a suicide try that killed him however that she survived.
  • Joanna Barnes—a “dominant female” who lived subsequent door to Sallie House till 1906 and whose ghostly voice was once allegedly captured on audio.
  • Paul—a tender slave boy who was once lynched. It’s unclear what his relation is to the home, since slavery was once over lengthy prior to the home was once constructed.
  • Ryan—a relative of Sallie’s who speaks with a “slight accent.”
  • Tom Byrnes—a former Civil War soldier who once in a while seems in the home wearing his army uniform.

Psychic Investigations

Just about each and every imaginable roughly paranormal investigator has visited Sallie House to resolve what’s going down.

  • The apparatus they use comprises:
  • Digital and analog voice recorders
  • Electromagnetic meters
  • Environmental meters
  • Dousing rods
  • Crystals
  • Pendulums

According to Debra Pickman, the consensus amongst psychics was once this:

It has been stated that the detrimental entity inside of the home turns out to are living in hollow at the back of the basement is older than the home, that it is hooked up to the land. It is surmised that it fears sure robust dwelling energies and assaults them or that it attracts them nearer to make use of the to be had power….A psychic as soon as stated, relating to a newer staff investigation, that the experiment we had been doing within the basement with the tuning forks was once carry up human spirits out of the bottom underneath us and that this darkish and detrimental pressure was once considerably angered via this motion.

Sallie House In Popular Culture

The Sallie House has been featured at the following TV methods and films:

  • Heartland Ghost, a made-for-TV movie via Paramount Pictures.
  • Unexplained Mysteries
  • The Travel Channel’s Most Haunted Town
  • Biography Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • Channel 2 News (St. Joseph, MO)
  • Channel 4 News (Kansas City, KS)
  • LiveSciFi.television TC mark

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