[Selfie] [B&A] 22 to 27. Five years of SCA : SkincareAddiction

[Selfie] [B&A] 22 to 27. Five years of SCA : SkincareAddiction

Skin kind: dehydrated with some sparse breakouts.

Sorry for the inconsistency with the lighting fixtures— it was once virtually unattainable to recreate the lighting fixtures from the unique image.

I at the start joined SCA just about five years in the past in hopes to transparent some CC’s and general texture. The first two years have been excited about clearing up CC’s with AHAs and mild cleaning. About 2 years in the past, I evolved some gentle cystic zits alongside my jaw line and utterly restructured my regimen, incorporating tret and nutrition c.

I like seeing the discounts of hyperpigmentation/sunspots over those five years! I believe crucial factor for my pores and skin is: consistency, sunscreen, moisturization. Ok and possibly Tret too!

Current Routine: AM Splash with water Vitamin C (these days transitioning from melano cc to TO’s LAA powder combined with dr. Jart ceramidin liquid / TO’s Ferulic acid) Sunscreen: rotating between Australian gold botanicals spf 50 and supergoop pores and skin soothing mineral sunscreen spf 40

PM: Cleanse with TO Squalane cleanser Curology: tret .025% niacinamide five% azelaic acid four% LRP cicaplast balm TO Squalane oil Laniege lip drowsing masks