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Should I Comb my Natural Hair in the Shower? | CurlyNikki

Should I Comb my Natural Hair in the Shower? | CurlyNikki

An intensive hair care regimen can appear arduous when you’re in hurry. With such a lot of people working brief on time and looking for techniques to multitask, acting two duties without delay might look like a good suggestion.

However, there are continuously unintentional penalties comparable to the means it’s possible you’ll assume you might be saving time by way of brushing your tooth in the bathe, however you might be additionally introducing new micro organism into your mouth. When it involves brushing your hair in the bathe to save lots of time and paintings via tangles, this is a identical situation. While it will appear more straightforward to sweep your hair in the bathe, it doesn’t imply this is a excellent concept. There are professionals and cons to detangling each rainy and dry, it is determined by your hair kind and the situation of your hair as to which one will paintings right for you.

Here are a couple of concerns to stay in thoughts when combing in the bathe.

Hair is extra susceptible
Hair is extra susceptible when it’s rainy. Hair this is broken, already fragile, or in a compromised state turns into much more susceptible to breakage when rainy. Even hair this is slightly wholesome can tackle injury from combing hair in the bathe. Combing via tangles in the bathe can result in extra hair shed than what is regarded as standard or wholesome.

Hair tangles extra simply
Part of the downside with combing your hair in the bathe is that rainy hair tangles extra simply than dry or damp hair. This is a double whammy as a result of whilst you might imagine brushing in the bathe is getting knots out more straightforward, it’s if truth be told contributing to extra hair loss. Essentially, you might be developing further tangles.

Hair clogs your bathe drain
When you wash your hair, you might naturally lose a couple of strands. Comb your hair in the bathe and you’re looking at two times the strands misplaced. Where do the ones strands in most cases finally end up? In your bathe drain developing clogs and dear plumbing problems.

How to detangle in the bathe
Despite this, many curlies do in finding that their hair advantages from the slip of detangling hair when it’s rainy. If you want to detangle in the bathe, listed below are a couple of tricks to lend a hand save your strands. Note that those is not going to absolutely offer protection to your hair from the injury brought about by way of rainy brushing.

Your palms are the gentlest detangling device, however a large enamel comb is the subsequent most suitable choice if you wish to save time. These can lend a hand paintings via tangles to lend a hand do away with a few of the strand breakage.

This will upload in your tangles and breakage. Instead, flip off the tap when you completely detangle.

To lend a hand your palms or extensive enamel comb slide via any knots or tangles, generously follow conditioner in your strands first. Be certain to buy a conditioner that gives quite a lot of slip.

Do you comb your hair in the bathe?

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