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Simple & Bright : MakeupAddiction

Simple & Bright : MakeupAddiction

Day 40:

I’ve after all learned I’m no longer a MUA & I haven’t any want for big eyeshadow palettes I’ll by no means end. 😂 I’m downsizing my Sephora Pro Editorial palette for the shuttle sized Violet Voss Fruit Sorbet palette (actually saving $50 within the procedure, can’t wait to go back it to Sephora the next day to come). And this can be a dimension I will if truth be told hope to pan! Definitely need to mess around with the colours extra, however I’m feeling beautiful drained and ill so I’m sticking to a snappy search for now. CCW, my brows really feel somewhat unruly and my lashes aren’t lifted (didn’t have a curling mascara open but & need to end this pattern first).

Thanks & have a super evening!

Products used:

  • Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance

  • Violet Voss Fruit Sorbet Palette

  • Urban Decay Brow Box Blackout

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