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Thoughts on “The Voice” and Kelly Clarkson’s Makeup

Thoughts on “The Voice” and Kelly Clarkson’s Makeup

kelly clarkson red eyeshadow
Red eyeshadow!

Do you ever watch The Voice? Dude, I’ve been gazing The Voice so much in recent years, 1) it sort of feels like they have got a brand new season each and every 15 mins, and 2) as a result of I’m a sucker for any aggregate of the next: joking banter between Adam and Blake, Jennifer Hudson throwing footwear, and Kelly Clarkson speaking a mile a minute about one thing and all the judges teasing her for it.

Even although (grumble, grumble…) the display most often, nowadays, culminates in America balloting for a tender, lovely pop feminine singer within the finale, it’s my favourite present in charge TV excitement (that and Midsomer Murders).

Occasionally I yell such things as “I would die. I would JUST DIE if I met Mariah Carey in person” on the tv, or “I’d guess cash Kelly Clarkson’s dressed in Urban Decay Naked Heat.”

Speaking of that, THE MAKEUP. It’s excellent. Especially Kelly’s. I’m all the time shocked by means of the stuff she wears as a result of she truly turns out to like colour and taking dangers.

Mariah Carey has additionally been a visitor trainer in the previous couple of knockout spherical episodes, and her genre and Kelly’s are so other from each and every different.

I imply, Mariah’s make-up all the time appears rattling excellent, too (Kristopher Buckle is her go-to artist), however I will’t take note the closing time I didn’t see her in the rest as opposed to some type of bronze lid or a refined smoky eye with the similar actual eyeshadow placement paired with both a crimson or nude lip.

Her make-up by no means truly adjustments, however she all the time appears b-o-m-b.

While I completely get sticking to one thing that works, I gotta say, Kelly’s make-up is so amusing, and she all the time tries one thing other. In this season thus far, she’s worn purple eye eyeshadow in a single display, then a crimson eyeshadow in every other. I additionally LOVE that she’ll put on other eyeshadow shapes and placements. I tracked down who I believe does her make-up for the display, and I believe it’s Gloria Elias-Foeillet, who does make-up for a host of celebs (together with Missy Elliot!).

Hmm… I simply discovered one thing. See the brink of Kelly’s lips within the pics with the nude lips? She’s dressed in darkish un-blended lip liner. How very 1997! I ponder whether there’s a degree make-up explanation why for that (in all probability to outline the brink so the lips glance fuller?), since the liner is slightly refined and no longer one thing you spot proper off the bat until you’re having a look intently.

Or perhaps she simply likes past due ’90s-style lip appears?

(Now the ones are some deep ideas, ha ha!)

Maybe I will have to simply ask, since I’ve been low-key stalking Gloria’s Instagram in recent years. I truly dig how she balances between classically stunning make-up and artsy appears. She’s a brand new particular person to apply in the event you love make-up inspiration like I do. 🙂

Your pleasant group attractiveness addict,



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