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Virtual Reality Technology to Push Past the Pain Barrier - Virtual Reality: Technology to Push Past the Pain Barrier

Virtual Reality: Technology to Push Past the Pain Barrier

Virtual Reality: Technology to Push Past the Pain Barrier

We all revel in ache all through workout in a different way. It is subjective. The ache we revel in is each the results of our personal sense of discomfort, precise tissue harm (which will also be non-critical), and simply the results of the stimulation of nerve cells, distinct from any injury to muscle or tissues. Our talent to care for this ache depends on many elements – age, intercourse, and bodily wellbeing may have some affect – however mainly, it comes down to subjective perceptions.


Granted, ache can point out threat to the frame however now not all ache is as a result of one thing unhealthy is going on. Intense workout routines purpose ache, now not bodily hurt however that ache adjustments the revel in and other people’s responses and likewise adjustments their habits. We all really feel that to a point.


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Sometimes we push via it and a few other people, particularly athletes and execs, can pass additional than the reasonable individual by way of a large margin. In many instances, a median individual will most probably withdraw from the revel in of a exercise on account of the ache and fail to spot the advantages.


There’s a measure of our tolerance for ache, Private Body Consciousness (PBC), which is decrease for individuals who can resist larger discomfort and ache. It’s principally the consciousness that you’ve got of your personal inner physically sensations.


Researchers at the University of Kent1 studied the use of VR headsets whilst exercising to scale back ache and building up how lengthy anyone can maintain an task. The analysis, led by way of PhD candidate Maria Matsangidou, set out to resolve how the usage of VR whilst exercising may just impact efficiency by way of measuring a raft of standards: middle price, together with ache depth, perceived exhaustion, time to exhaustion and personal frame awareness.


To do that they monitored 80 folks acting an isometric bicep curl set at 20% of the most weight they may carry, which they have been then requested to cling for so long as imaginable. Half of the team acted as a keep watch over team who did the carry and held inside of a room that had a chair, a desk and yoga mat on the ground.


The VR team have been positioned in the identical room with the identical pieces. They then placed on a VR headset and noticed the identical atmosphere, together with a visible illustration of an arm and the weight. They then performed the identical carry and cling as the non-VR team.


The effects confirmed a transparent relief in belief of ache and energy when the usage of VR era. The information confirmed that when a minute the VR team had reported a ache depth that was once 10% not up to the non-VR team.


Furthermore, the time to exhaustion for the VR team was once round two mins longer than the ones doing standard workout. The VR team additionally confirmed a decrease middle price of 3 beats according to minute than the non-VR team.


Results from the learn about additionally confirmed no vital impact of PBC on the sure affect of VR.  Previous analysis has proven that people who have a top PBC generally tend to higher perceive their frame and because of this, understand upper ache when exercising. However, the learn about’s findings printed that VR was once efficient in decreasing perceived ache and that PBC didn’t reduce this impact.


As such, the enhancements proven by way of the VR team counsel that it generally is a imaginable method to inspire much less energetic other people to workout by way of decreasing the perceived ache that workout could cause and bettering efficiency, irrespective of non-public frame awareness.


Lead researcher Maria Matsangidou mentioned: ‘It is obvious from the information collected that the use of VR era can reinforce efficiency all through workout on quite a lot of standards. This may have primary implications for workout regimes for everybody, from occasional health club customers to skilled athletes.’



1. Maria Matsangidou, Chee Siang Ang, Alexis R. Mauger, Jittrapol Intarasirisawat, Boris Otkhmezuri, Marios N. Avraamides. “Is your digital self as sensational as your actual? Virtual Reality: The impact of frame awareness on the revel in of workout sensations.” Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 2018.

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