Want To Be An Expert Yoga Teacher? 

Want To Be An Expert Yoga Teacher? 


Here it’s, the video you’ve been looking forward to!

Phew…lets use fun, huh? While the sector’s kundalini is coiled tighter than a handbasket to hell, JP Sears is right here to deliver us what we will be able to most effective describe as…wait, are the ones skin-tight yoga pants or is that this guy simply part cheetah?

JP Sears, well known now for his common doses of yoga satire and “ultra” spirituality, as soon as once more amuses together with his cheeky, dry-wit. His newest,”Expert Yoga Teacher,” is a how-to on passive competitive, soft-spoken, physics-defying yoga trainer cues.

“Becoming an expert yoga teacher is less about knowing the ancient roots and traditions of yoga and more about knowing how to implement lightly spoken cues using abstract language while wearing abnormally tight pants,” softly whispers the video’s description.

(Sorry, had been you anticipating some actual skilled guidelines?)

On Savasana, JP notes, “This is the most important pose in yoga. That’s why we only do it at the end, for a little bit of time, after all that other stuff.”

And then there’s one thing about monkeys and bananas and suitable gazes.


It’s no longer his best paintings, however that dry tone and straight-faced supply is what offers it that particular emblem of JP Sears yoga-haha. Also, that outfit.

Nice paintings if you’ll get it…

Surely you’ll be a professional after viewing this extremely really helpful and academic video (less expensive and WAY shorter than any trainer coaching!) however on the finish of the video even JP admits there’s no longer a lot cash to be earned educating yoga. So JP’s made it a career making amusing of it: he’s were given a guide, he’s were given t-shirts and, if you wish to see him reside and in-person, he’s occurring a mini excursion. Maybe he’ll get started promoting his personal line of 2d pores and skin see-through yoga pants, too. (That’s no longer an offer. Though we’d almost certainly purchase them if it saved the comedy freely flowing.)


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