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Why Plastic Pollution Is Everyone’s Problem

Why Plastic Pollution Is Everyone’s Problem

plastic pollution facts

plastic pollution facts

You would possibly know my stance on plastic and that I attempt to cut back or get rid of it from our house, however the reality is plastic is so pervasive in our trendy lives that it’s nearly not possible to break out from. Regardless, plastic air pollution is a big (and rising!) drawback that all of us want to do something positive about now. In reality, firms and organizations (in addition to on a regular basis households) are changing into increasingly more conscious that we will have to do something positive about the plastic drawback straight away.

Let’s take a look at the information…

Plastic within the Environment

As I wrote about in any other submit, there are lots of troubling statistics about plastic manufacturing and its impact at the surroundings and natural world.

In a nutshell:

  • Plastic manufacturing is massive and extending every yr.
  • Most plastic this is created is single-use.
  • Plastic is polluting nearly very inch of the planet.
  • Plastic particles harms 1000’s to hundreds of thousands of marine creatures annually.
  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch within the North Pacific Ocean is most commonly manufactured from microplastics.

Where is all this plastic coming from? Here are commonplace resources we most certainly engage with or use each day:

  • Single-use plastic bottles are some of the largest pollution in life, clogging up waterways and oceans. According to Earth Day, Americans acquire about 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles according to yr. This averages to about 13 bottles per 30 days for each particular person within the United States. Yes, a few of us use fewer (even approach fewer) than that, however that suggests others are the usage of extra (even far more) than that moderate. Many of those bottles don’t seem to be recycled.
  • Plastic buying groceries baggage are any other massive worry. Only 1 p.c (or much less) are returned for recycling. Single-use plastics like grocery baggage are handiest used for a mean of 12 mins after which sit down for centuries in a landfill (if now not recycled).
  • Fiber from artificial materials make their approach into contemporary water via washing machines and likewise input the air after losing from clothes (one reason why I ended the usage of microfiber cloths for cleansing). Estimates declare that there are more or less five.25 trillion items of enormous plastic and microplastic floating within the ocean.

But plastic within the surroundings is not only affecting animals and waterways. It’s affecting people at once. The chemical substances present in plastic are present in air, mud, and meals.

Plastic in Our Bodies

We already knew that fish are drinking micro-plastics which might be polluting the water. But that doesn’t imply it’s just a drawback for fish (or individuals who consume fish). Plastic is making its approach into and up the meals chain.

A small trial on the Medical University of Vienna carried out in 2018 discovered plastics within the excrement of eight other people from eight international locations. While it’s simple to consider that those other people will have eaten fish that still ingested plastic, this trial famous that handiest six out of 8 individuals ate seafood. That approach the opposite two ingested plastic in differently — doubtlessly via meals wrap, plastic straws, and even the air.

This fresh find out about is the primary to seek out transparent proof of plastic within the human frame however is most probably now not the ultimate. More research are had to discover this factor, however researchers concluded that those microplastics within the human frame would possibly disrupt immune serve as within the intestine and reason different problems.

Plastic Isn’t Safe

While we don’t know evidently how drinking plastic impacts the human frame, we now have some clues. For instance, a 2018 find out about discovered that plastic brought about intestinal injury in sea animals.

We additionally know some essential issues in regards to the chemical substances in plastics and the way they have an effect on the frame.

  • BPA is ceaselessly added to plastics to lead them to tougher. But BPA is a recognized endocrine disruptor and will mimic the impact of estrogen within the frame. This can then result in weight achieve and hormone imbalance. It might also reason deformities of the female and male genitals, untimely puberty in ladies, and lowered sperm high quality. It too can reason will increase in breast and prostate cancers, infertility, miscarriages, weight problems, sort 2 diabetes, hypersensitive reactions, and neurological issues.
  • Phthalates are any other chemical ceaselessly present in plastics. They are regarded as to be particularly destructive to males and boys as a result of they may be able to reason lowered testosterone and infertility in males. Phthalates also are related to immune device impairment and plenty of different issues. The European Union banned them in 2005 and plenty of different international locations have banned them as smartly.

But… I Recycle!

While it’s essential to recycle each time imaginable, it merely isn’t sufficient.

Even if one thing makes it within the recycle bin, if we don’t rinse out boxes smartly sufficient or by accident put one thing into the fallacious bin, we can have made the entire bin unrecyclable. In that case, all the bin is shipped to the landfill.

No-sort recycling (the place you are meant to throw the whole lot in in combination) isn’t any higher. Combination fabrics like plastic covered cardboard or squeeze pouches are one of the most maximum complicated fabrics. These fabrics ceaselessly boast that they’re recyclable at the packaging, however actually, they’re handiest recyclable at a TerraCycle program.

As Bloomberg.com issues out, this has brought about such a lot recycling contamination that up to 91 p.c of recyclable plastic leads to the landfill (or worse, the sea).

In addition, now that oil costs are low once more, it’s inexpensive to supply new plastic than to recycle (or use recycled) plastic. A 2016 article in Business Insider explains that the usage of new plastic may be extra fascinating as it’s more straightforward to get the chemical composition good.

Even if we recycled each imaginable water bottle and plastic bag (neither of which is most probably), it wouldn’t be sufficient. We are generating extra plastic every yr than the yr earlier than. Recycling is essential, however refusing plastic each time imaginable will make a far larger have an effect on at the drawback of plastic air pollution.

What to Do Instead

If recycling isn’t the solution, making adjustments to cut back our intake of plastic is the next move. There are many stuff we will be able to do personally to make a distinction.

Support Legislature

We can proceed to reinforce new legislature that is helping cut back or ban single-use plastic in the environment. The National Conference of State Legislatures means that you can seek for expenses by way of matter of hobby (air high quality, natural world, water). Also name your native town or township place of business to determine what techniques or teams you’ll be able to observe to stick knowledgeable and take part in native occasions. Your native nature heart or Sierra Club is also any other just right useful resource.

Demand Better Packaging

Money talks, and if we refuse to shop for plastic packaging, firms will adapt to get our trade again. Additionally, after we reinforce firms which might be low-waste, we’re encouraging extra firms to observe swimsuit. Some of the worst boxes come with:

  • Styrofoam take-out boxes
  • Single serving boxes (like yogurt and keurig boxes)
  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • Combination fabrics (used for chip baggage, meals pouches, and so on)

Instead, search for bulk packaging or deliver your individual to the majority meals aisle. Many meals co-ops and herbal meals retail outlets reinforce this custom.

  • Use cardboard or paper when imaginable (get your meat from the beef counter and ask them to wrap it in butcher paper)
  • Bring your individual reusable baggage.
  • Look for packaging created from recycled fabrics.
  • Look for merchandise with the least quantity of packaging as imaginable (preferably no plastic).
  • Don’t use produce baggage. If you’ve gotten your individual grocery baggage to hold your produce house in, you’re saving no less than a couple of plastic produce baggage each travel.


Whenever imaginable, refuse plastic utensils, baggage, and straws. Bring your individual alongside in case you assume you’ll want this stuff.

A tougher factor to do (however simply as essential) is to refuse plastic toys each time imaginable. Look for picket and upholstery toys as an alternative. If you will have to purchase plastic, handiest purchase it secondhand.

Follow Recycling Rules

Follow the information to your recycling boxes. Don’t installed the rest that doesn’t meet the specs.

Find Alternatives

It’s a lot more straightforward to refuse pieces if you have already got your individual reusable one. Here are some concepts (and you’ll be able to see my complete record right here):

  • Stainless metal plates: These are light-weight, food-grade stainless-steel this is dishwasher secure, oven secure and unbreakable! We use them each day and I feel they’re the most efficient funding I made for wholesome dishware for my youngsters.
  • Stainless metal cups: These cups are simply as just right because the plates and paintings smartly for little ones who love to get their very own beverages.
  • Stainless metal bowls: These unbreakable bowls are one of the most maximum used pieces in our kitchen.
  • Stainless metal latch boxes: These are non-breakable, spacious, and nice for freezer garage.
  • Glass mason jars: I really like quart and half-gallon measurement jars for storing liquidy meals like soups, sauces, broth. They may also be used for leftover casseroles and as ingesting glasses.
  • Silicone meals garage: I really like those collapsible refrigerator garage boxes from Xtrema. They don’t take in a lot room within the cupboards when saved and are simple to stack within the refrigerator.
  • Glass and silicone garage: Lifefactory makes some nice all-glass meals garage boxes. They actually have a silicone duvet to assist keep away from breakage.
  • Pyrex glass boxes with lids: These are one of the most least dear glass boxes. They do have plastic tops however are a sensible choice for the fee.
  • Glasslock oven-safe meals garage: I really like this set of glass boxes and use them at all times.
  • Reusable grocery baggage: These are nice for fending off plastic baggage when you’re out. They’re additionally collapsible for simple garage.
  • Produce baggage: I really like those simple to scrub produce baggage for grocery retailer journeys.
  • Metal or glass water bottle: We fill those up and take them each time we depart the home.
  • Bamboo or stainless-steel straws: Replace single-use straws with extra sustainable choices. Many even include sporting instances or baggage to take them at the move.
  • Tea baggage: Instead of shopping for tea baggage (that can have plastic in them) take a look at a unfastened leaf infuser.
  • Soap nuts: Soap nuts assist keep away from the plastic boxes that laundry detergent is available in. You too can purchase an excessively concentrated laundry detergent to chop down on plastic waste.
  • Concentrated plant-based cleaner: I’ve changed just about all of my cleaners with Branch Basics, which is so concentrated it replaces the desire for 12-13 bottles.

If you change one plastic merchandise with a reusable, non-plastic selection when you’ve got the cash, ultimately you’ll have created a pleasing number of wholesome and sustainable pieces.

Final Thoughts on Plastic Pollution

This world drawback can appear too giant to do the rest about, however doing one thing is best than doing not anything. Human well being and the surroundings will probably be with each sustainable selection we make. Eventually, our call for will make plastic manufacturing unprofitable for plenty of firms and sustainable packaging will develop into mainstream.

What are your pointers for lowering plastic?


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