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Witches In The Bible | Thought Catalog

Witches In The Bible | Thought Catalog

For probably the most section, the Holy Bible depicts witches as brokers of Satan who should be put to demise. But in a single case, Saul the King of Israel consults a witch to summon the spirit of King Samuel, and the one one who finishes up dropping their existence in consequence is King Saul.

But the actual fact that the Bible is repeatedly citing witches and mediums and sorceresses is evidence that within the historic previous, as within the present yr, there’ll all the time be a number of modes of spirituality that now not simplest cross in opposition to mainstream faith, they place ladies as the manager intercessors between the actual international and the religious international.

Bible Verses That Condemn Witchcraft

The Old Testament explicitly condemns all kinds of spiritualism but even so obedience towards the God of Israel. In many instances it even encourages the demise penalty for any individual who’s a “sorceress,” “medium,” or “spiritist.”

Do now not permit a sorceress to reside.

—Exodus 22:18

A person or lady who’s a medium or spiritist amongst you should be put to demise. You are to stone them; their blood shall be on their very own heads.

—Leviticus 20:27

Do now not flip to mediums or hunt down spiritists, for you are going to be defiled by way of them.

—Leviticus 19:31

Let nobody be discovered amongst you who consigns his son or daughter to the fireplace, or who’s an augur, a soothsayer, a diviner, a sorcerer, person who casts spells, or person who consults ghosts or acquainted spirits, or person who inquires of the useless. For any individual who does such issues is abhorrent to the LORD, and it’s as a result of those abhorrent issues that the LORD your God is dispossessing them sooner than you.

—Deuteronomy 18:10=12

Queen Jezebel, the Witch

Witches in the Bible
Painting of Queen Jezebel by way of John Liston Bryan Shaw. (Wikimedia Commons)

One of probably the most well-known “nasty women” of the Old Testament is Queen Jezebel, who’s described within the Books of Kings as a the spouse of Ahab, king of Israel.

She was once recognized to be useless and to beautify herself in tremendous silks and make-up. She seduced her husband to show clear of Yahweh and towards the false gods Baal and Asherah. She driven for her personal faith to transform Israel’s nationwide faith and robotically inspired the persecution and destruction of actual Hebrew prophets. Jezebel, whose identify has transform synonymous with a disobedient lady, even arrange a landowner’s demise by way of falsely accusing him of blasphemy.

It is within the Bible verse II Kings nine:22 that we be told Jezebel may be a practitioner of witchcraft:

When Joram noticed Jehu, he requested, “Is all well, Jehu?” But Jehu answered, “How can all be well as long as your mother Jezebel carries on her countless harlotries and sorceries?”

For her transgressions in opposition to the only true God, Jezebel met a brutal finish: She was once thrown from a window by way of Jehu’s servants. Upon hitting the bottom she was once trampled to demise by way of Jehu’s horse. Stray canine ate her corpse.

King Samuel and the Witch of Endor

Witches in the Bible
The Witch of Endor from the Book of Samuel. (Wikimedia Commons)

Perhaps probably the most mysterious witch within the Bible is the so-called Witch of Endor, whose tale is roofed within the biblical bankruptcy of one Samuel 28.

Although King Saul had issued orders that every one witches in Israel be put to demise, in a second of weak point he consulted a well-known native medium for recommendation as his forces confronted an army risk from the Philistines. Bringing two bodyguards with him, Saul disguised himself as an atypical soldier and consulted a feminine medium from the village of Endor.

He requested her to summon the spirit of the just lately deceased King Samuel to present recommendation concerning the pending warfare with the Philistines. When Samuel gave the impression from the useless, the Witch of Endor instantly discovered that the person within the cover was once King Saul and chastised Saul for deceiving her.

The ghost of King Samuel advised King Saul the the following day he and his forces would release right into a fight with the Philistines that they’d lose and that might kill Saul within the procedure. Weakened with worry on the information, Saul fell to the bottom.

In an extraordinary biblical portrait of a compassionate spiritualist, the Witch of Endor inspired Saul, who have been weakened by way of starvation, to devour one of the most fattened calf and baked bread she had ready. After consuming, Saul and his pals left.

They subsequent day, King Samuel’s prophecy got here true: Saul was once slain in fight and Israel fell into the fingers of the Philistines.

But all the passage is a biblical endorsement of the concept some witches, regardless of how demonic, possess supernatural skills to are expecting the long run. TC mark

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