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Wool Dryer Balls DIY Instructions - Wool Dryer Balls - DIY Instructions

Wool Dryer Balls – DIY Instructions

Wool Dryer Balls – DIY Instructions

How to make wool dryer balls

How to make wool dryer balls

Ask any mother… laundry is a by no means-finishing task in a circle of relatives! I’m at all times in search of a technique to save time on laundry and I without a doubt like serving to the surroundings, so those wool dryer balls made it on my DIY undertaking checklist.

These wool dryer balls are simple to make and serve an overly sensible goal: they assist lower drying time through setting apart garments within the dryer to permit extra air go with the flow. Less drying time manner much less power used, which is helping the surroundings (and saves cash!)

What’s extra, they get rid of static, make garments comfortable, lower put on and tear, and are the easiest technique to odor laundry naturally with a couple of drops of crucial oil.

No extra chemical-stuffed dryer sheets? Sold!

Why Use Wool?

What makes wool particular? Wool is a herbal fiber that resists melting and is flame-resistant, making it very best to be used within the dryer. In addition, because of the protecting homes of herbal lanolin in wool, those balls won’t retain water or mould.

So the way to flip wool right into a ball? Felting! Heat, moisture, agitation, and force flip wool right into a easy material. That’s nice for tasks like this but additionally the rationale it isn’t really useful to clean wool clothes in a gadget. (Learned that the exhausting means with my favourite sweater in faculty!)

What About Washable Wool?

Washable wool isn’t natural wool and does now not behave the similar means. Chemical compounds coat the strands of wool and make it unattainable to felt. These chemical compounds are everlasting and can by no means put on off. While this makes wool clothes more straightforward to wash, it does now not make dryer balls (and likewise will increase publicity to chemical compounds).

How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

While you’ll purchase dryer balls, felting is amusing and making your individual saves cash. Here’s what you wish to have for the DIY model:

Materials Needed

Make positive that the yarn used is 100% natural wool. Only natural wool will felt, or shrink, and shape cast balls.


  1. Begin with wool yarn. Wrap round 3 arms Eight-12 instances.
  2. Twist yarn into determine Eight to shape a bit “bundle.”
  3. Wrap yarn round heart of package deal.
  4. Continue wrapping round, alternating route till it bureaucracy a small ball. I discovered this educational useful.
  5. Wrap yarn till you achieve a ball that’s the dimension of a tennis ball or softball.
  6. Use blunt needle or crochet hook to tug a period of wool yarn beneath a number of layers of the ball.
  7. Pull yarn finish out and clip with scissors.
  8. Cover ball with one layer of wool roving. (This is non-compulsory however will make ball smoother)
  9. Repeat step of pulling roving thru ball.
  10. Make three – 6 balls repeating steps 1 thru nine.
  11. Cut off legs of pantyhose and drop balls into the legs.
  12. Tie off with cotton yarn to split balls.
  13. Wash number of yarn balls in a sizzling wash with detergent.
  14. Dry on top warmth.
  15. Repeat if balls want further felting. (You will know they’re in a position if they give the impression of being easy and really feel compact.)
  16. Cut balls unfastened from pantyhose, and use!

How to Use Wool Dryer Balls

  • Wool balls can reside within the dryer since the wool won’t cling onto moisture, so there is not any possibility of mold or mould. It’s really useful to make use of 3 to 6 balls for very best effects.
  • Adding simply a few drops of crucial oils to each and every ball with freshen a complete load of laundry.
  • Most dryer balls will closing about 1000 washes. If they begin to come aside, check out re-felting them in a sizzling wash.

What Color Yarn Is Best?

Bold-colored yarn might glance lovely all felted, however the ones colours received’t be as lovely to your garments! Light or undyed wool is very best. I’ve a chum who spins her personal yarn, so I used a herbal skein from her alpacas.

Enjoy cleaner, extra herbal laundry in much less time!

Have you attempted wool dryer balls? What did you assume?

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